• Spring has sprung! Don’t mow down those dandelions!!!

    May has shown up in all its glory. Flowers blossoming around every yard and…dandelions. Dandelions aplenty.

    Known as the bain of many a lawn-perfectionists existence, these flowers are now known to provide important spring nourishment for our Bees! Don’t poison them!

    If your not using pesticides, but doing the work of uprooting and composting them, you might as well go that one ...

  • In store now….




    We have one kit left of the limited release Viognier Red- Merlot, Syrah and Viognier blend.  Med-Full bodied, Dry with flavours of dark fruits, hints of spice and vanilla.


    We have two kits in at the moment of the new Atmosphere Rose- a Pinot Noir ...

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