• In like a Lamb…

    I must admit, I am very much enjoying the mellow weather I woke up to this morning.

    It was a treat to go for a run without dreading the bitter wind and blowing snow! There’s still snow aplenty at the ski hills to satisfy my heart..

    Speaking of lambs,  I came across this recipe for grilled lamb chops! Of course, the word ...

  • It’s almost Spring! What will be new in store??

    As an avid skier, I am typically less than enthused about impending warm weather..

    Still a couple of months off-and my suppliers are already beginning their spring promos! Today as I sit and type it IS very sunny out there, so maybe not so hard to imagine Spring is just around the corner. Let’s have a look at what we can ...

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    • New Kit coming soon!!


      Coming Soon!!


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