• Welcome back, September!

    I don’t Usually ask for it to rain, but…

    If you’re living anywhere near me, these past few days you’ve been scrambling to have an evacuation bag packed and at the ready!!

    It’s a bit of a struggle to decide what to bring and what to leave.

    Thank Heavens my wine is stored ...

  • Ooooooo! SALE :))))

    Sale On Cellar Craft Sterling Kits!!

    20 % off all reds and whites in the CC Sterling 12 litre kits!

    Great way to get a deal on your Christmas wines

    (there’s that  word, again….)

    Sale on while supplies last or until September 15th.

    No rain cheques, in store stock only- get them ...

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  • Passport!!


    The new Passport series will be available for order come November!

    If you recall, last year we had everyone put their orders in by November 30th. This year will be the same.

    This season-we see only Four wines in ...

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  • New Kitz in Town!!

    In store NOW!!

    The Atmosphere Viognier Red and White wines are something I’ve been looking forward to bringing into the store since the first moment I saw the write ups on them!

    Viognier Red: Aromas of dark fruit are complimented by spice with hints of vanilla. This medium-full bodied red holds velvety tannins with a lush vibrant finish.  A gorgeous blend of Merlot, Syrah and Viognier.

    Viognier White: Layers of Vibrant fruit character, off dry, medium bodied, boasting tropical citrus and green apple notes with a refreshing crisp finish. A beautiful blend of Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

    They sound adorable. I can’t wait to make the first ones in!

    Two new Limited Release Dessert Wines are going to come available early September at Wine Kitz!!

    The Apres line is being introduced with two decadent kits!

    Chocolate Salted Caramel: The velvety decadence of Chocolate blends beautifully with rich, salted Caramel…

    Toasted Marshmallow: Rich and Smokey toasted marshmallow with smooth vanilla and decadent caramelized notes.

    Oh. My.

    Bring on the snowball fights just so I can enjoy a sip of these, after!!






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