November 2018 Newsletter
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Once more, we’ve got you a few exciting offers for November. The store is fully restocked to offer you again an extensive choice. A great moment to get your summer bbq wine started. Ask in store for the handy ‘wine in box stock’ option. It is a great gift but also really handy when camping or on the boat. This option takes less space and carries no risk of bottles breaking. These are just a few ideas. The opportunity you have been waiting for.

15% off construction sale runs for another month!

The 15% off ‘construction sale’ was well received by all customers, so why not run it for another month for our all our kits on-stock. The worse the constructions get, the tougher we become.
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Refer us a friend

Refer us to a friend, and they will get 10 % off their first purchase when they join the tribe. Off course you too, as a ‘thank you’.
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Free labels

Short of memory? No worries! As long as our stock of standard labels lasts, bottle labels come free when you start your wine this month.
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Oak barrel treatment $20

Round off your red wines with an Oak Barrel treatment just like is being done in estate wineries. Most red wines improve in flavour and smoothness after having spent time in an oak barrel. Complex processes add to a distinctive palate. This month, oak barrel ageing is offered at a discount. For just 20 bucks you create your private estate …
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Get married guys!

As a reminder, we have been making tons of wedding wines in the past years. These saved our customers a lot on their budget. Just wanted to remind you to start these wines timely, the sooner as you are aware, the better. Talk to us for the best options. Don’t forget to consider designing customized wedding labels. After all, it …
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Passport Series 2018: last day to ORDER November 16.

Reserve your 2019 Passport wines-Have one or all four. Let’s start with the deal: Pre-order all four kits and get a discount of 50% on the fourth kit. Don’t need your credit card now, you do not pay upfront only when you start or pick up the kits. By reservation only! Pre-orders should be in by Friday, November 16. Our …
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Review Harvest update 2018.

A high-level publication by, reviewing the harvest of 2018 for the countries we source our juices from concludes: ‘a good average’ Below we provide you with a few ‘one-liner’ summaries. Statistics are partly based on outcomes (for the Southern hemisphere), partly on mid-year indications (for the Northern Hemisphere). Argentina harvested an estimated 2.55 million tonnes, after three smaller-than-average vintages in …
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