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Clean up your basement for customer appreciation sale April 7-18. We also stocked a range of beer kits and prolong our Spring sale. In our series of the main French wine regions and their look a like’s in our range, this month, the Burgundy and Rhône wines. It is still okay to start your wedding wine and take advantage of the changed legislation. Further, the full Passport Limited release series is in and a few kits are available for those who did not have the chance to pre-order a kit. Please note that we are operating our store with summer business hours 9:30 – 5:00.


Summer Business Hours as from April 1

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Saturday                       9.30 – 4.00
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Customer Appreciation Sale April 7 - 18

This month we celebrate with a customer appreciation sale. Empty your cellar or basement! Our customer appreciation sale offers great deals to all our loyal customers from April 7 through 18. You are exclusively informed and have the best choice during the first week. For the second week the sale is advertized in newspapers and on radio.

On your purchase of wine kits you receive a discount of 10% on the first kit, 15% on the second and 20% on the third kit.

All our beer kits -already sharply priced- are discounted too with an extra 15% off the price.


Wedding, Anniversary and Celebrations

Serve your homemade wine at your event - New Legislation
The Government has reviewed the Liquor Policy . A significant and very practical change is that family special occasion license holders who have rented a location, may now serve UVIN or homemade wine at their event. There may, however, be no charge associated with serving the wine. Family events include weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. Actually pretty broad so read the license details.

Our personalized packages
If you are planning your event; a wedding, anniversary or celebration, do not put off on the decision to start your wine! The sooner the better. Both red and white wines improve in taste over time and will contribute to making your celebration memorable. We provide recommendation on the best options in regard to wine styles and timing to complete your planning. We customize various wine styles to match your taste and provide a wide selection of customized labels and decorative bottle caps. Visit our store to learn more.


Beer kits back in stock -15% off

We have been short of supply for a while on our beer kits. We were able to restock with a great selection of kits from the brands Brewers Spring, Brewers Best and the new premium line of Barons kits.

14 varieties, now in store. Let’s celebrate Spring and enjoy a discount of 15% on each kit.



Limited release Niagara Mist Spiced Lime Sauvignon Blanc

Spiced Lime Sauvignon Blanc plays up the natural lime flavors of Sauvignon Blanc, brimming with refreshing citrus and tart lime flavors up front. Hints of ginger and peppery capsicum build slowly on the finish, giving a gentle kick of well-defined sultry spice for an exotic and exciting mix of sweet and spicy. Arrival in May. Limited quantities available. Pre-order to secure. $74.99 for a 30 bottle kit.

Brewers Best Beer Kits

Brewers Best beer kits are known for their premium ingredient kits. Their classic recipes conform to the BJCP Style Guidelines and include all the ingredients with proven recipes to produce prize-winning brews. Their Premium Recipe all-malt ingredient kits are big in taste and bold in flavor. Watch out, not for the weak of heart! These higher alcohol kits also come complete with all the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to brew 5 gallons of beer.


New Barons premium beer kits

Barons premium beer kits offer 7.5L of high quality concentrated wort to get you underway to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavor, ready to brew with conventional beer making equipment, with no need for boiling!  Barons gives you the opportunity to create your own microbrewery style beer quickly and easily.


Passport Series Limited Release 2015 --Only a few extra kits

All five juices of the Passport series 2015 are in store now. Just a few kits available.

Petit Verdot produces a bold, well structured wine. Expect intense color and aromas of vanilla, cedar and smoke, followed by ripe cherry and blackberry flavors. This full bodied wine has warm undertones of mocha, firm tannins with a rich and robust finish.

The Brunello Montalcino Style brings a full bodied red wine to your glass with velvety texture. Smooth tannins and a bouquet of leather, tobacco, cranberries and ripe cherry. If you want to try one bottle  first, buy one in the liquor store. Be prepared to reach deep. Don’t wait long.

The Pinot Gris from Willamette Valley in Oregon renders a dry to off-dry (made to your preference) medium bodied wine. Aromatic with lemon, green apple and floral notes with flavors of pear, mango and tropical fruit.

The Pinot Noir from Sonoma, California is a light bodied red with soft aromas of cherry, vanilla, and earthy undertones. On the palate bold flavors of red and black cherry and strawberry are balanced by a touch of mellow spice. This fruit forward and bright wine is ruby in color with a smooth, satisfying finish.

The Volcanic Red from Curicó Valley Chile. Three classic Chilean varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère and Merlot make this bold, full bodied blend erupting with sweet fruit flavors from the Cabernet Sauvignon, spicy and earthy notes from the Carménère, rounded out with soft fruit and chocolate notes from the Merlot. Deep red, smooth and balanced, with a lingering finish. A topper!


Major French wine styles: the Burgundy region

Major French wine styles

With their about 8 billion bottles of wine produced every year, the French wine history goes back to the 6th century BC. Rest assured that quite some quality wine is being produced in France. Over the centuries, several wine styles developed that are now being copied all over the world. Here are a few and their likes we have in our range. Previous month we talked about the Alsace region. This month a few words on wines from the Burgundy region.

Burgundy wines refer to the Burgundy region-Bourgogne in French- in eastern France where they are being produced. The Bourgogne is cuddled up in the valleys and slopes west of the Saône River, a tributary of the Rhône. This region is blessed with ideal weather conditions and a terroir (terrain) that is perfectly suited to produce the very best.

The vineyards of the Bourgogne region are home to two ‘Noble varieties’ that account for more than 80% of the vines planted; the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. As a side note, the Pinot Noir (‘noir’ means ‘black’) has clear juice! The wines produced are mainly single varietal wines with unique aromatic expression. Both red and white come in a full range of color nuances. Do not be mislead by the possible light color of a red Bourgogne, you will be surprised by its power. Look for ‘Bourgogne’ on the label, you will hardly find reference to the grape. Whichever wine from the Bourgogne region is to become your favorite, be prepared for reaching deep in the pockets.

The southern part of this winegrowing region is also a showcase for Gamay grapes. We are now entering into the Beaujolais with only 1% of its wine production being white. The Beaujolais gained popularity for its Beaujolais nouveau, a wine produced in such a way that is ‘has’ to be drunk before Christmas of the year of harvest. Despite its popularity in the 90ties, the Nouveau has never reached any memorable top, nor sub-top. However, this appellation region brought forward 10 Cru’s that produce the very best you can get from the Gamay grape.

Both the Bourgogne and the Beaujolais produce red wines from thin skinned, low tannins, red grapes that will leave you lasting impressions. The rich whites are a must for at least one. As said before, do not bother finding the name of the grape on the label, it is just not there.

Actually, we have only been talking about three grapes, Pinot Noir (red), Gamay (red) and the white Chardonnay. Wine Kitz Nelson offers all three in their range and we are happy to answer any question you might have. Visit our store if you want to know more.


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