The store will be closed while we take a short break from August 11-15. In this edition you will find recommendations for a few Christmas Holiday Wines that require less time to age. Read about our new limited release Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir, deliciously different! The call for bringing your own fruit to make wine in last month’s newsletter is very well received. This month the Fruit wines**, the Cheeky Monkey and European Select four-weeks kits on sale 15% off. Starter kits 10% off -and in combined purchase- wine kits of choice 10% off and wine bottles 25% off. Beer kits are deep discounted this month down to half the regular price. Our wines of the month are the eight weeks red Valpolicella and white Verdicchio and the five weeks Cabernet Shiraz and white Piesporter. Enjoy!


Out for a break

From August 11 – 15 the store will be closed. We are looking forward to enjoy a short break.
Appointments are being planned in the weeks before and after to maintain our service levels.

Upon opening, August 18, we will have a “15% off” sale on all four-weeks kits of our European Select, Cheeky Monkey and our standard Niagara Mist Fruit Wines**.

**Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir and Spiced Lime Sauvignon Blanc excluded


UER Verdicchio - Italy

UER Verdicchio - Italy

The name Verdicchio (vair-dik-ee-oh) derives from verde (or "green") and refers to the slight green/yellow hue of the grapes when they are ripe. The Verdicchio grape presents a clean fresh aroma of green apple, white currant, citrus, floral and mineral. This medium-bodied, refreshing white wine sings on the palate with flavours of lemon, green apple and almond, making a perfect aperitif. Best enjoyed while young and fresh.

UER Valpolicella Style - Italy

UER Valpolicella Style - Italy

Named for the “valley of many cellars”, this fragrant favourite has been charming since the Roman era with fresh cherry and strawberry flavour, soft silky texture and superb balance.

TV Piesporter Style

TV Piesporter Style

Succulent medium bodied white wine exhibiting a hint of fruity spiciness as peach and apricot mingle with the aroma of fresh melon.

TV Cabernet Shiraz - Australia

TV Cabernet Shiraz - Australia

Craft the blend that put Australia on the wine map. Combines the structural intensity of Cabernet Sauvignon with the ripe fruit and chocolate flavours of Shiraz. This dry red finishes with spicy oak.


SALE: Beer Fest

Let the party begin. Our in-store supply of beer kits at a deep discount.
Bison: buy one 15% buy two 20% off.
Barons Premium: buy one 15% buy two 30% off.
Brewers Spring: buy one 20% buy two 30% off.
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Black Rock: Buy one 15% buy two 20% off.

While supplies last.


Niagara Mist Summer 2015_

SALE: Fruit wines for a lasting Summer experience 15% off

These medium sweet “fruit-in-a-bottle” wines are lighter in alcohol than regular wines and make pleasant company during the warmer seasons. Only a few limit themselves to the Summer for drinking this wine. Some add ice crunch, other a dash of soda. Be careful, you might get hooked. Kits now 15% off. (Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir and Spiced Lime Sauvignon Blanc excluded)



SALE: Complete Startersets 10% off

Complete starter sets of wine (or beer) making equipment include the bucket, a glass carboy, airlock and bung, siphoning tube and hose, hydrometer with test jar, sanitizer and a handy recipe book, all nicely boxed up.

If you want to start with making a wine from our kits, pick any kit of choice and you will get 10% off the kit as well. Some beer kits go for half the price this month. If you have not yet collected your 30 empty wine bottles, no worries, these are 25% off.  That’s easy!


UPDATE: Bring your own fruit, well received

..This is the season, “Harvest any fruit, and give it a try too….”

There are two things you can do with your fruit harvest. One is to enjoy the fun of making your own wine at home. Fruit harvested from your own garden, berries picked on your secret slope, or even a good deal at the market, it is easy to turn fruit into wine. Come in the store and I will explain you how to move forward. We carry all material needed.

A second option is to bring some of ‘your catch’ to the store and add it to your kit. Make your personal and unique wine. Adding your own fruit to the kit has gained quite some popularity over the past year. Give it a try too, you’ll be amazed.

chocolate cherry pinot noir

NEW: Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir

Honestly, I have not yet been able to taste this Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir prior to writing this. But simply seeing which ingredients are being used to make this smashing creation, I cannot conclude other than: “, this must be deliciously different...”! How much more exiting can it get?

This Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is described as a luscious blend of juicy black cherry, rich dark chocolate and subtle vanilla flavours. You’ll savour every second from the alluring cocoa and ripe red fruit aromas to the gentle chocolaty finish. With its signature Niagara Mist easy-drinking, gentle fruit-forward sweetness and light body, this Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is just decadent enough to be a treat, but still light enough for every day. Given the profile of this wine, the designer has obviously been aiming for a profile allowing a more versatile, year round, use. The availability is limited, so make sure to leave me a note if you want me to put one aside for you. Sorry, otherwise, I cannot make any promises. First come first serve. Expected in store by the end of August.

Recommendation for Christmas Holiday wines

The more time you allow a red wine to age the smoother and more aromatic the wine turns out. A few styles do pretty well with a shorter aging time. Start one now for this Holiday! Our recommendations:
Red table wine: From our Traditional Vintage the Valpolicella and Gamay Bergamais as well as the full Cheeky Monkey line.
Blush: Traditional Vintage Zinfandel Blush (rosé, made dry or off dry)
White: All Traditional Vintage and all Cheeky Monkey kits (all kits can be made dry or off dry)
Fruit wine: The total range of fruit wines give great results with just a few weeks of aging.
Dessert wine: Ice wine, Port, Sherry