Thank you for your loyalty. This month November we have our Customer Appreciation Sale @ Wine Kitz with 10%, 15% to 20% discount. Selected kits up to $ 20 off the price. Our wines of the month get 5% extra discount and are selling at 15% off the price. Once more your attention for the Passport 2016 limited release series; please secure your pre-order discount of 40%. Stock will be depleted quickly given the reactions we have received so far. Further selected beer kits discounted to half the regular price. Cheers!


November Customer Appreciation Sale

Good reason to take a minute to see ‘what’s on’ this month.
Our newsletter customers get to pick their preference first before we ‘go public’ and advertise our sale. Get the deal you deserve and maximize your discount from available inventory. Few rules. No rain checks. Discounts cannot be combined and limited releases are excluded.
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Buy one kit and get 10% off, buy two get 15% off the second kit, buy three and get your third kit at a discount of 20% .
Wine of the month extra 5% knocked off the price
Kits: 5-weeks Shiraz (R) and Riesling (W) and 8-weeks Barolo (R) and Chardonnay (W) 15% off
Selected kits up to  $20.00 off
Selected kits $ 12.50 or $ 20.00 off the kit price


Wine of the month

5-week Traditional Vintage

TV Shiraz - Australia

TV Shiraz - Australia 

Medium to full bodied dry red. Spicy oak with blueberries. Flavors of blackberry and raspberries.


TV Riesling - Australia

TV Riesling - Australia

Medium bodied dry to off dry white. Refreshing bouquet, honey, tropical flowers and crisp fruit.


8-week Ultimate Estate Reserve

UER Nebbiolo - Italy

UER Nebbiolo - Italy

The name of the grapes to make the famous BAROLO. Full bodied dry red. Rich deep structure. Truffles, licorice and earthy tones.


UER Reserve Chardonnay - Australia

UER Reserve Chardonnay - Australia

Full bodied dry white. Vibrant fruit, peach, fig, green apple and pear. Un-oaked or oaked to your preference.


SALE: Complete Startersets 10% off

Complete starter sets of wine (or beer) making equipment include the bucket, a glass carboy, airlock and bung, siphoning tube and hose, hydrometer with test jar, sanitizer and a handy recipe book, all nicely boxed up.

If you want to start with making a wine from our kits, pick any kit of choice and you will get 10% off the kit as well. Some beer kits go for half the price this month. If you have not yet collected your 30 empty wine bottles, no worries, these are 25% off.  That’s easy!



SALE: Beer Fest

Have a party. Our in-store stock of beer kits at a deep discount.

Barons Premium: buy two and get 15% off your purchase

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While supplies last.


Deadline approaching rapidly: Five Giants come with personal recommendation

Our brand stands for unbeaten quality, our blends for guaranteed enjoyment.

This year’s limited release Passport series, 2016 features five excitingly attractive propositions. One white and four reds of which this year all are on my personal shopping list too.

The preorder deadline for all wine kits is NOVEMBER 16 and the different kits are released over the four months following from December through March/April.

See the details and get excited too. Sign up for all five before NOVEMBER 16 and receive a discount of 40% off the ‘Three Country Cab’. 

Here some short notes. Follow the links for each wine to see the full information sheets.

Cabernet Franc - Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia: $ 152
Vibrant red, medium to full bodied. Rich fruit, red berries spice vanilla. Pair with game lamb, prime rib even tuna. Available December/January.
PASSPORT 2016 - Aus Cab Franc info sheet

Sauvignon blanc – Muscat, California: $ 142
Juicy white, dry, deliciously aromatic and refreshing. Pair with chicken, turkey, shrimp and other light salads and meals. Available January/February.
PASSPORT 2016 - Cal Sauv Blanc info sheet 

Montepulciano, Italy: $178
Fruit forward mouth filling red, medium bodied. Black cherry, gentle savory spice, smooth finish. Pair with egg plant, lasagna, sausage, mushroom and onion stews. Available January/February.
PASSPORT 2016 - Ital Montepulciano info sheet 

Pinot Noir – Merlot – Shiraz, Chile and Argentina: $152
Gentle spice, ruby red fruit notes, medium bodied, smoky oak and red berry linger on the finish. Pair with roasts and grilled steak, tenderloin, briskets. Great with pizza and cheeses. Available February/March.
PASSPORT 2016 - S_America Pinot Merlot info sheet

‘Three Country Cabernet’ from California, Spain and South Africa: $ 178
Stunning blend, big bold black ripe fruits, cocoa, vanilla, full bodied red. Intense red fruit and spice. Pair with hearty flavorful dished, beef, mushroom, lamb prime rib, bacon and cheese. Available March/April.
PASSPORT 2016 - Three Country Cab info sheet

Sign up for all five before NOVEMBER 16 and receive a discount of 40% off the ‘Three Country Cab’.



Update: Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir


Niagara Mist Limited, deliciously different.

Meanwhile we have tasted the Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir in its early stage. It definitely is a very likable and exciting wine. A year round pleaser!

This Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is a luscious blend of juicy black cherry. The ripe red fruit aromas are wrapped in a gentle chocolaty finish. Well balanced and not too prominent. As is the case with all our Niagara Mist wines, this luscious combination is easy-drinking, gentle fruit-forward sweetness and light bodied.

Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir, decadent enough to be a treat, but still light enough for every day. The availability is limited and sales have taken off.  Excellent gift suggestion for Christmas.