Wine Kitz Nelson Newsletter February 2016

Hello all,

After a hectic start of the year, February sneaked up on us. Lots of great stuff happening. The Passport series, of which the first three arrived, are a huge success and selling rapidly. This year too, you don’t have to be a teenager to surprise your Valentine with a Gift Certificate or one of or Valentine deals. Of course there is our wine of the month program with a selection of 5 and 8 week kits at a discount and a little of education with our feature article about the use of Sulfites.

Please note our Winter business hours.


Valentine Day Deals

Impress your Valentine. Any of our 15 varieties of fruit wines made in store at an attractive price of $125.00 (kit, fee and corks). One kit makes 30 standard bottles. If bought in combination, you pay $30.00 for a package of 30 bottles. Prefer to surprise your sweetheart with one of our five varieties sweet dessert wines, we will take $15.00 off. The kit makes 30 half bottles and off course, the same deal for the bottles.

Busy, busy, busy and you just can’t free up time in your planner to start a kit? No worries, go for a gift certificate, available at any price.


Wine of the Month 10% off

8-weeks kits from our Ultimate Estate Reserve brand:

UER Cabernet Shiraz - Australia

UER Cabernet Shiraz - Australia

Well before the subtle notes of spice and vanilla oak enliven a long and balanced finish, you’ll note this darkly coloured dry red’s flavours of cassis, ripe plum and blackfruit character.

UER Verdicchio - Italy

UER Verdicchio - Italy

The name Verdicchio (vair-dik-ee-oh) derives from verde (or "green") and refers to the slight green/yellow hue of the grapes when they are ripe. The Verdicchio grape presents a clean fresh aroma of green apple, white currant, citrus, floral and mineral. This medium-bodied, refreshing white wine sings on the palate with flavours of lemon, green apple and almond, making a perfect aperitif. Best enjoyed while young and fresh.

5-weeks kits from our Traditional Vintage brand:

TV Valroza - Valpolicella Style - Italy

TV Valroza - Valpolicella Style - Italy

A generous, emphatic bouquet of dark cherries and just a hint of anise. It doesn’t skimp on the flavour either, with an elegant balance of silky tannins and a lengthy finish.

TV Gewurztraminer - Australia

TV Gewurztraminer - Australia

Spicy character, smells of flowers and perfume it here for drinking or to seduce you? A bit of both actually. Crisp and off-dry charm with exciting acidity.


Wine Trivia: Room Temperature

When it’s mentioned that red wines should be served at “room temperature”, this does not mean today’s central heat standard of 70 – 72˚F or 21 – 22˚C. The term “room temperature” originated in Europe hundreds of years ago and refers to the room temperature of a traditional European wine cellar which would have been closer to 60 – 65˚F or 15 – 18˚C. A red wine served too warm loses its freshness and many of its characteristic aromas and flavors. If your bottle of red wine has been stored at today’s room temperature, you can achieve the proper serving temperature by putting it in your refrigerator for 30 – 60 minutes prior to serving.



The use of Sulfites in food and beverage

I have recently read a few articles about sulfites in food which I found most interesting and I would like to share my take-away’s with you. To manage your expectation, this article does intend to prove anything, neither does it suggests to be complete or scientifically sound.

Sulfites are being used widely in the F&B industries mainly to make food keep it’s fresh appearance, inhibit bacterial growth, preserve the food’s flavor and color and ultimately to reduce spoilage. There are legal requirements that apply for industries, not consistent though, telling manufacturers to provide information on product labels about sulfites contents. This is partly driven to protect consumers that could suffer from sulfite allergy. In the publication of 2014, it is mentioned that FDA estimates 1% of consumers to be sensitive for such compounds. The list with examples of foods that may contain sulfites is impressively long and includes:

Baked goods, Soup mixes, Jams, Canned vegetables, Pickled foods, Gravies, Dried fruit, Potato chips, Trail mix, dried apricots, Beer and wine, Vegetable juices, Sparkling grape juice, Apple cider, Bottled lemon juice and lime juice, Tea, Many condiments, Molasses, Maple Syrup, Fresh or frozen shrimp, Guacamole, Maraschino cherries, Biscuits, Pie, Pizza dough, Dehydrated, pre-cut or peeled potatoes.

Any wine will contain sulfites as a natural result of the fermentation process. Wines made from our kits typically contain similar levels of sulfites to what is found in organic wines. Moreover, Wine Kitz wines contain significantly lower levels of sulfite than store bought commercial wines, up to 50 – 70 % less.

Links: WebMD is a medical and health website & Wine Folly, an information source for wino’s


passport banner

Passport Series 2016: first three in store

The first three out of five of the Passport series 2016 arrived and at our initial ‘in-process’ taste promise great pleasure. The red Cab Franc / Cab Sauvignon is very tasty, a little of herbs and spice and with rich berry flavors. The red Montepulciano, with its soft aromas of warm oak and earthy tones, will be stealing everyone’s heart. The white Sauvignon Blanc / Muscat, we just started but I need not say more; there is only one kit left to sell. Available on first come first serve basis.



Winter business hours

For the winter season from Tuesday January 5 to Saturday April 9, we operate under winter business hours booking bottling appointments until starting at 6 pm, aiming to accommodate those who have a hard time during the day to do their shopping or bottling.

January  to April 9th:
Sunday, Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 1 pm – 6:30 pm
(last bottling appointment can start 6 pm)
Saturday :9:30 am – 4pm