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After our smashing success of last year, exciting news about our new Passport 2017 limited release program. All five are highly recommended with a pre-order super discount. Also have a look at our Bordeaux style white and red in the limited Cheeky Monkey line. Our dessert wines once more on sale to indulge yourself and to prepare your Christmas gifts. Back by popular demand is the Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir, deliciously different! The season is still on. Bring your fruit or make yourself with Starter kits 10% off -and in a combined purchase- a wine kit of choice 10% off and standard bottles 25% off. Beer kits are on sale this month. As our wines of the month we picked the eight weeks red Cab Sauvignon and Valpolicella and the white Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Our five weeks picks are the red Merlot and Cabernet Shiraz as well as the white Chardonnay and Piesporter. Cheers!


passport 2017

Again, Five Giants are presented in Passport 2017 Limited Release Series.

Our brand stands for unbeaten quality, our blends for guaranteed enjoyment.

This year’s limited release Passport series, 2017 features five excitingly attractive propositions. One white, one rosé and three reds. All wine juices are made of premium quality grapes from prestige wine regions in the world. For the true wine lover, here is the collection where you have been waiting for.

We should have your preorder in before the deadline of NOVEMBER 18. The wines are released one at a time over period of four months from December through March.

See the details and get excited too. Sign up for all five before NOVEMBER 18 and receive a discount of 40% off the ‘Kookaburra Red’. 

Here a few short notes. Follow the links for each wine to see the full information sheets.

Syrah, Languedoc France: $ 156

With vineyards since the 5th century BCE this southern French area produces a classical medium to full bodied Syrah displaying a peppery bouquet with raspberry and earthy notes. Complex and harmonious with soft tannins. A long finish with flavors of blackberry and black cherry accented with spicy black pepper and oak, hints of mint, herbs, mocha and faint licorice on the finish.

Serve grilled or roasted red meats, hearty casseroles or slow cooked lamb. Hard, matured cheeses and 70% dark chocolate also pair well. Expected in store December/January.

Factsheet Syrah France

Riesling, Clare Valley Australia: $ 146

Citrus aromas with underlying floral notes make for a fresh and vibrant aroma. Juicy lemon-lime flavors fill the palate, accented by orange blossom and apple notes, mineral tones and a backbone of crisp, energetic acidity. Clare Valley is known for its medium bodied Rieslings. Try with lightly to moderately spiced Asian inspired dishes, pad Thai, or Tex-Mex dishes with cilantro & avocado. A fantastic pick for cheese fondue and creamy cheeses.

Expected in store January/February.

Factsheet Riesling Australia

Nero d’Avola, Sicily Italy: $156

Please let the name not scare you off. The Nero d’Avola is a  lesser known Italian red wine grape, but you have my personal guarantee. The full bodied Nero D’Avola offers aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of vanilla and smoke. Abundant flavors of ripe black cherry & plum with spicy accents, velvety tannins and a long finish. A great wine to match with rich meats. Try with beef stews, game meats, or barbecued angus burgers topped with bacon. Expected in store January/February.

Factsheet Nero D'Avola

Cab Sauvignon Rosé, Sacramento County California: $152

Fresh strawberry on the nose, with watermelon and cranberry accents. This medium bodied, dry crisp, fragrant rosé carries juicy strawberry flavors and tart red fruit notes on the palate. Balanced and refreshing, with crisp acidity and a subtle minerality. Turkey burgers, meat pies, tourtière, and cured sausage platters are great matches, as are light summer salads, Greek salads, tapas, and feta cheese. Enjoy with practically anything off the grill or serve on its own lightly chilled. Expected in store February/March.

Factsheet Cab Sauv Rose

Kookaburra Red, Riverland Australia with skins: $ 182

A full bodied bold, charismatic blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro loaded with raspberry, blackberry, spice, and a supple finish. Grenache brings ripe, jammy fruit flavors and hints of cinnamon spice. Shiraz provides a punch of blackberry, and plum flavors with elements of black pepper spice, while Mataro brings savory, earthy notes, spicy elements and texture. Drink alongside braised meats, grilled lamb with rosemary, meaty pasta dishes, and mushroom stews. Try with earthy dishes like spicy, hearty stews with red meat and root vegetables, mushroom risotto or eggplant lasagna.

Expected in store March/April.

Factsheet Kookaburra Red

Sign up for all five before NOVEMBER 18 and receive a discount of 40% off the ‘Kookaburra Red’. Kits released from December to April. Order now, pay later.

cheeky monkey 2016

Cheeky Monkey: Tour de France

A limited release of our Cheeky Monkey ‘au Style Français’. One Bordeaux style medium to full bodied red and a medium bodied white. 5 weeks kit, matures quickly. No pre order, just rush in. Limited available.

The Enchanté Red
This vibrant blend has a certain je ne sais quoi that is sure to leave you charmed. Cherry and currant aromas rendezvous with notes of oak; rich avant-garde flavors of cherry, currant, and plum are accented by oak and a soft tannin finish. Enchanté, indeed.


The Déjà Vu White
This Bordeaux-style blanc may give you a little déjà vu, but our New World twist will have you saying ‘ooh la la’. Lemon, lime, and subtle grapefruit aromas lead in to the true pièce de résistance – a dry, crisp palate with fresh citrus and melon flavors, rounded out with soft oak and gentle vanilla notes. Voila! C’est magnifique!


ice wine

Wine Kitz Dessert Wines $12.50 off

All our Wine Kitz dessert wines on stock $12.50 off the kit price. Indulge yourself and have the most popular Christmas present. No rain checks.



chocolate cherry pinot noir

Chocolate-Cherry-Pinot Noir, Back by popular demand

Niagara Mist Limited, deliciously different.

Just look which ingredients this smashing creation is being made of and conclude for yourself “..deliciously different...”! How much more exiting can it get?

This Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is back by popular demand. A luscious blend of juicy black cherry, rich dark chocolate and subtle vanilla flavours. You’ll savour every second from the alluring cocoa and ripe red fruit aromas to the gentle chocolaty finish. With its signature Niagara Mist easy-drinking, gentle fruit-forward sweetness and light body, this Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is just decadent enough to be a treat, but still light enough for every day. Given its profile, the designer has obviously been aiming for a wine allowing a more versatile, year round, use. The availability is limited, please make sure to leave me a message if you want me to set one aside for you. Sorry, that’s all I can promise. First come first serve. Expected in store second half of September.


Wine of the month: 10% off

Usually we have four kits in our wine of the month program, this month you have a choice between eight kits. Take your pick. 

Traditional Vintage - 5 week kits

TV Merlot - Chile

TV Merlot - Chile

Easy-drinking lovely stuff for everyday enjoyment. Wonderfully balanced with gripping flavours of black cherry, plums and berry. Finishes very smooth.

TV Chardonnay

TV Chardonnay

You can’t go wrong with a good Chardonnay on your table or tucked under your arm on someone’s doorstep. Creamy vanilla oak layered into tropical fruit accents with good acidity wins friends everywhere.

TV Piesporter Style

TV Piesporter Style

Succulent medium bodied white wine exhibiting a hint of fruity spiciness as peach and apricot mingle with the aroma of fresh melon.

TV Cabernet Shiraz - Australia

TV Cabernet Shiraz - Australia

Craft the blend that put Australia on the wine map. Combines the structural intensity of Cabernet Sauvignon with the ripe fruit and chocolate flavours of Shiraz. This dry red finishes with spicy oak.

Ultimate Estate Reserve - 8 week kits

UER Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile

UER Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile

This can’t miss classic belongs in every wine rack – welcoming aromas of black cherry and black currant lead the way to rich flavours of vanilla, berry spice and smoky oak.

UER Valroza - Italy

UER Valroza - Italy

Named for the “valley of many cellars”, this fragrant favourite has been charming since the Roman era with fresh cherry and strawberry flavour, soft silky texture and superb balance.

UER Reserve Chardonnay - California

UER Reserve Chardonnay - California

A super-crisp, citrusy dry white that has summer written all over it. Enjoy crisp green apple and Asian pear notes with delightful lemon flavours and toasty oak

UER Sauvignon Blanc - California

UER Sauvignon Blanc - California

Supremely dry with a gorgeous yellow hue, this full-bodied favourite pours forth flavours of pea pod, gooseberry and lemon-grass with good acidity.


Bring your own fruit

..This is the season, “Harvest any fruit, and give it a try too….”

There are a few things you can do with your fruit harvest. One of them is to enjoy the fun of making your own wine at home. Fruit harvested from your own garden, berries picked on your secret slope, or even a good deal at the market, in all cases, it is easy to turn fruit into wine. Visit our store and I will explain you how to move forward on this. We carry all material needed.

A second option is to bring some of ‘your catch’ to the store and add it to your kit. Make your personal and unique wine. Adding your own fruit to the kit has gained quite some popularity over the past years. Give it a try too, you’ll be amazed. Of course, you can also bring your fruit juice to the store. We will then do the magic for you.


Complete Startersets 10% off

Complete starter sets of wine (or beer) making equipment include the bucket, a glass carboy, airlock and bung, siphoning tube and hose, hydrometer with test jar, sanitizer and a handy recipe book, all nicely boxed up.

If you want to start with making a wine from our kits, pick any kit of choice and you will get 10% off the kit as well. Some beer kits go for half the price this month. If you have not yet collected your 30 empty wine bottles, no worries, these are 25% off.  That’s easy!



Beer kits on sale

Let the party go on. Our in-store supply of beer kits.

Buy one and get crown caps free, buy two and get the beer kits with 15% off the price.

While supplies last.


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