Hello, All 
In like a Lion, March is Here ;)) 
This means out like a lamb, riiiight? 
Well, we can hope.  
On the upside, the skiing has been Great fun! 
We are extending the recipe contest through the month of 
March. I'm thinking people were too exhausted from all 
the shoveling to do much cooking. I know I was.. 
But seriously-this could be a quick and relatively 
easy way to get 25% off your next kit purchase! 
Give it a go. Might be fun :)) 
As we head into Spring, now is the time 
to think about putting on your summer Whites and Christmas Reds!  
I Love making spritzers in the summer-with either a dry white Or a sweet dessert wine. 
They are easy and go over very well at barbecues!  
Simply pour half a glass of your favourite wine, and half a glass of soda water. Add ice cubes and a slice of lime or lemon, or-My fav-frozen blackberries...so refreshing!! 
We have a lovely selection of dessert wines and are getting more in next week-come in in and choose your new favourite . 
Looking ahead to Christmas...have you ever thought of 
bottling some of your wine with the thought of putting it in a Christmas basket for friends and family? What a nice gift that people really enjoy receiving 


Take care, all, and enjoy the coming spring weather..


Store hours

Reminder! Wine Kitz Nelson will be Closed on Wednesday March 8th, 2017. Reopening Thursday March 9th at 1pm.

cab sauv rose

New arrival: Passport 2017 Cab Sauv Rose

Passports 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Rose has arrived! If you have a kit reserved, you get a call to let you know!  If you are interested in trying one of these Passport kits HURRY.  I am only able to bring in a few extra, they will not last long!



Find Your Divine

Wine Kitz Nelson is proud to be an event sponsor at this years Find Your Divine event coming April 6th 2017 at the Prestige Lakeside Resort! We will have a booth at the event, handing out fun goodie bags and donating excellent door prizes!

If you have never been to this event, now is the time to check it out.

This years guest speaker will be Barbara Stegemann, one of Canada's 'top 100 most powerful women'.

Understanding that supporting the economy of countries in turmoil is a key to encouraging change and reversing the effects of war and poverty, this incredible woman embarked on an entrepreneurial journey sparked by the wounding of her best friend- a soldier in Afghanistan.

Among many other talents and award winning attributes, Stegemann is also the author of the best selling book The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen- A Woman's Guide to Living and Leading in an Illogical World.

This event typically sells out within 24 hrs of ticket sales, so keep your eyes on the Nelson Star for more event details!

We hope to see you there.


Oh, Merlot!!

Merlot....the French word for 'Young Blackbird'.

So named because of the beautiful blue/black skin of the grape~or, perhaps, simply because the Blackbirds enjoy eating the grape!

Merlot is the most planted grape in the Bordeaux region, and is one of six possible grapes to find in a Bordeaux wine.  (perhaps you may know-the English name for Bordeaux wine is Claret.)

Merlot wine contains lower tannins than other reds, making it a palate pleaser for most. It's soft, well rounded and often used in blends to lend these characteristics to the final product.

The low acidity and higher sugar content of the grape make it a very versatile wine when looking at food pairing.  Merlot can hold it's own with almost all but the spiciest dishes-which may overwhelm the soft Merlot.

If you're looking to compare Merlot to other wines-look at the image below, for example. You'll see Merlot falls right in the middle between the light and lively Pinot Noir and the spicey bite of the Syrah.

In store we have Merlot wines from four different areas-France, Chile, California and Yakima Valley, Washington.  They range from medium, medium-full to full bodied. All deliver palate pleasing gentle tannins with notes varying region dependent from plum to cherry to raspberry with the Yakima valley Merlot adding soft notes of cedar and mocha! The French Merlot has a touch of vanilla and a light spice on the finish...

So, my friends, please do not disregard Merlot simply because of it's popularity with the less experienced wine crowd. This grape has much to offer on so many levels and more complexity than most realize.





Here at Wine Kitz....We Love to eat!

We love to drink Wine whilst we eat.

We would Really love to receive some recipes (with colour pictures, please) of your favourite foods paired with your favourite Wines!!

Send us an email with detailed recipe instructions, colour photo of the finished meal (bonus points for adding your smiling face to the picture!) and the Wine Kitz Wine you chose to enjoy with it.

No need to be an expert on pairing wine with food-just tell us what you love. No judgments, here ;)

Each recipe received will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a 25% discount off one regular priced kit purchase!!
We will also present a few of these recipes in our April Newsletter for others to enjoy.
What could be nicer? Great food, Great wine, chance to win a Big discount.

Stuff and Things:
Winner consents to their name being released in the March Newsletter.
Entries must be received by March 31, 2017, must contain full recipe with a snapshot of the food and wine so we can share the joy of creating wonderful pairings.

Passport 2017 series excluded from this promotion.

Get Cookin'!!


Wine of the Month 10% off!

TV Riesling - Australia

TV Riesling - Australia

An off-dry charmer with crisp, clean, floral character. Hints of apricot and honey blend well with most foods.


TV Pinot Noir - New Zealand

TV Pinot Noir - New Zealand

This fast-moving red comes fully loaded with flavours! Notes of cherry, red berry, spice and a touch of earth help you steer conversation to your masterful wine making.

TV Chardonnay - Australia

TV Chardonnay - Australia

This ever-fashionable dry, medium-bodied blast of flavour elbows its way into many a wine cellar. Features green apple, pear, pineapple and subtle butterscotch oak.

TV Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile

TV Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile

This famous red draws your nose right into the glass with aromas of dark berry, vanilla and ...is that a hint of earth with undertones of mint and oaky spice? Indubitably.