Hello all,
I think we have made it through the worst of the spring rains..
Thank goodness for Sunshine, BBQ's, evenings out on the deck with a glass of wine at the end of the day and so much more!
Life is good when we get an adequate amount of Vitamin D and the wine glasses are half full...
To that end, lets talk Wine.
Pinot Grigio. Pinot Gris. Same grape, different growing region. Pinot Grigio hailing from Italy, and Pinot Gris-you guessed it-France.(also some areas in the U.S grow a Pinot Gris of similar qualities to their French counter parts.)
Pinot Grigio being totally dry, with a brilliant acidity and a bitter almond note, Pinot Gris fleshy and having faint honey notes.
Pinot Grigio is rapidly becoming a favourite amongst the white wine drinkers in our crowd.
There are about 71,000 acres of Pinot Grigio vines planted worldwide!
In store we offer three kits in stock at the moment.
Traditional Vintage Italian Pinot Grigio-you will finds hints of Apple, Pear and light spice.
Atmosphere Italian Pinot Grigio described as 'Crisp, fresh with delicate floral aromas, green apple on the palate, subtle mineral, citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Both the Italian Kits are a 0 on the sweetness scale.
Then, we have the top of the line Cellar Craft Showcase Pinot Gris from Yakima Valley Washington. Ever had and loved New Zealand's Oyster Bay Pinot Gris? This kit will put you in mind of that wine. 'Green apple and lemon against a honeyed, floral backdrop. Rich mouth-feel, tangy acidity, with floral and mineral noteson the lingering finish.' This kit is about a '1' on the sweetness scale and divine in every sense of the word!
Whether you choose the dry Italian or the off dry Yakima valley kit, they will be a hit at any party you have or attend!
Pairs well with...
Lightly spiced fair, fish and shellfish are classic Pinot Grigio pairing. Semi soft to firm cow and sheeps cheeses, fresh veggies and lively salads.
Cheers, enjoy the patio season-it's my second favourite time of year in the Kootenays!



April Customer Appreciation Draw winner-New May contest!


Congratulations to our April Customer Appreciation draw winner, Shauna Quigley! She managed the closest count of the itty bitty jellybeans. There were 356, she guessed 353..pretty darn close! Although there were three others that were just about as good. These were the obviously competitive bunch-employing calculators and or much patience in their counting of da Beans!

Shauna wins 30% off her next wine kit-well done! (please, Please!! come remove your jelly bellies from the store before I eat them....)


***New contest on the horizon for May!***

This one should be interesting.

I'm looking for ideas for a great June customer appreciation draw or contest!

Every idea received will be entered for a chance to win 10% off their next kit! The author of idea we decide to USE- will receive a plump 15% off their next kit purchase!

I've done a couple of draws now-one where simply purchasing a kit gets you an entry, one where each kit purchase gets you one guess at how many jellybeans in the wine bottle-closest guess won.

I'm looking for something along these lines, but with a different twist. The idea being that it's a 'customer' appreciation draw-so a kit purchase would garner an entry into whatever amazing, crazy, incredible idea you come up with! June 1 will mark the beginning of my seventh month as store owner-so, a half year anniversary draw.

Think big-ish! It's the best way I have of thanking my customers for their continued support!

All ideas must be submitted by midnight May 30th.

Send me your best ideas to  kerry@winekitznelson.com

(Ideas must be reasonable in nature to be considered-any ideas that could result in potential bloodshed or loss of life will not be entered into the draw!)

I look forward to reading all your wonderful ideas! It's an Easy peasy way to win 10% off the kit of your choice-you've got nothing to lose!





Wines of the Month- May

Yet again we will feature not two, but FOUR Traditional Vintage wine kits at 10% off.

Aprils selection are as follows:

TV Sauvignon Blanc

TV Sauvignon Blanc

Vibrant and fruit-forward with a subtle grassy aroma and flavours of gooseberry and fig. Refreshingly light and very dry.

TV Cabernet Merlot - Chile

TV Cabernet Merlot - Chile

If only all of us could marry as well as Cabernet and Merlot! Dark, roasted aroma and rich black currant flavour gets along very well with chewy fruit characteristics.