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June 2017 Newsletter

Hello, all!

I hope this newsletter finds you on your back patio or deck, with a glass of wine in hand!

Unbelievably, I am into my Seventh month of running Wine Kitz Nelson!! More than half a year-and it has just Flown by.. 

I am so happy to announce that I have hired an Excellent employee. Her name is Stephanie, and you will see her in the store one or maybe two days a week. This will afford me the time and opportunity to do some serious catching up on the administrative side of running a small business.

Let's see, special dates to remember....

June 3rd will see the Return Of John-One day only!

Drop by and say hullooo...!

He's minding the store for me while I am in a mountain biking clinic. Thanks So much, John!!

The store will be Closed July 1st for Canada celebrations. Hoping you all have the opportunity to get out and celebrate with your community.

 That's all for today. I look forward to seeing you in store when it comes time to bottle your wines or choose your new favourite!!

(Don't forget to read to the bottom of the newsletter to see all this months specials!)






Introducing Traditional Vintage - Lot 27 - LIMITED RELEASE

-Available June 16, 2017-

A classic blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. A balanced, fruit forward wine with ripe black fruit and crushed berries.Available exclusively to Wine Kitz retailers for a limited time only.  Don’t miss out on this exclusive limited release.




Who is Barbera??

 She's a lovely grape, that's who!

 As of 2000, Barbera is the third most planted red grape variety in Italy.

These dark skinned beauties when young offer a very intense aroma of fresh red cherries and blackberries. In the lightest versions notes of cherries, raspberries and blueberries, with notes of blackberry and black cherries in wines made of more ripe grapes.  The lightest versions are generally known for flavors and aromas of fresh fruit and dried fruit. 

Our Cellar Craft Sterling kits are a blend of Californian and Italian Barbera. Deep crimson, fruity aromatics dominated by raspberry and blackberry with light spicy notes and a suggestion of vanilla.

The Cellar Craft Showcase Barbera hails 100% from Italy. Slightly fuller in body than the Sterling Barbera, The Showcase Barbera leans towards dark cherry, strawberry with hints of anise and nutmeg. Soft tannins and high acidity lifting the fruit to a most attractive level..

Pairs well with hearty foods- Italian pasta with tomatoes, eggplant,chicken or red meats. Anything barbecued! 

Limited stock available.


Keeping your wines Healthy!!

The weather is getting warmer (finally!) and now is when we will see the last drops of your delicious wine quickly turning nasty in the bottom of an unwashed bottle.

It has always been recommended to rinse your bottles in hot soapy water immediately after you finish it-but we all know sometimes this doesn't happen.

This can mean a lot of time spent cleaning out old wine residue prior to coming in to bottle-Please Note **there simply won't be enough time to get it done while you are here and if you are rushed, you may miss a spot.**

It's important to keep in mind that even a tiny spot of mold or a single tiny fly that finds its way into one of your empty bottles can ruin your wine. To check for cleanliness, put the bottle to your eye and lift towards a light in order to do a thorough scan of the bottle, making sure it is free of dirt, grime, residue, mold, mildew, insects, etc.  We run the bottles through a sanitizing process-but we can't sanitize that which is not first Cleaned....!!

Let's not forget the Outside of your bottles, as well. Often times we store the bottles in a shed or garage until we are ready for our next bottling. Dust, bugs and grime build up on the outsides of the bottles and could end up Inside during the bottling process, which will ruin your lovely wine!!

You simply cannot go wrong by taking that few extra minutes at home to insure you are bringing in your cleanest bottles.



June in store specials!

June 1st-7th

All WHITE Wine Kits

10% Off



Month of June


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Traditional Vintage

Wine of the Month Deals



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