July 2017 Newsletter

Hello, All,

Welcome to July!!

Ok, we are a few days late in getting this out-we have been enjoying the Canada day festivities and general WooHoo-ery that accompanies the hot days of summer!

Now is the time we should be thinking about getting our wine cellars stocked for Christmas. It'll be here before you know it! (isn't it always??)

To that end, have you considered giving home made Wines, Ports, or Ice wines for Christmas presents? They also make a lovely Host/Hostess gift, and are a welcome addition to any potlucks or parties you may attend. 

So, how about a wee sale to spur you on?

We will have a Christmas In July this year!

Tuesday July 25th. One day only. In store stock, only.

Receive discounts on multiple kit purchases!

10% off your first kit.

15% off your second kit-of equal or lesser value.

20% off your third kit-of equal or lesser value.

Stock your cellar, save some coin for other purchases!

Ho Ho Ho...!


Read on for a Delish BBQ chicken recipe, tips on how to prevent your wine from cooking in a hot car and our Wine of the Month specials for July!




PS- August will have additional days of closures due to summer holiday time!

I will send another newsletter with the dates third week of July or so. I will also post these days on our facebook page and storefront windows.


 Baby, it's HOT outside!!!

Well, we've certainly had some scorching hot days already!

As we head into the next few months, many of you will be in to bottle your lovely wines.

I would like to suggest that you make your bottling appointment for the end of your day. If you’ve a long list of chores to accomplish After you bottle the wine, you could have some issues.


1-extreme heat may change the composition of your wine (‘cooking’ it) which will alter the taste.


2- extreme heat may cause your wine bottle corks to pop out. Ask me how I know this one…and how long I spent scrubbing my car seats so my car wouldn’t smell like a vineyard and Look like the scene of a rather messy murder.


3-It is completely illegal – yes, I am certain of this- for you to leave bottled wined stored on Wine Kitz premises.  Please do not ask us to hold onto it for you whilst you complete your chores. Much as we strive to accommodate our customers needs when possible, this isn’t allowed.


Bring a large cooler to store it in, some blankets and ice packs to cover the boxes or plan to head straight home after you bottle.


Your wine (and your car upholstery) will thank you!



Do you love your Chardonnay Oaked, or Unoaked??


Chardonnay can have two Very distinct sets of characteristics, depending on whether it has been ‘oaked’ or not!

When you oak Chardonnay, you may impart flavours such as vanilla, mocha, caramel, toffee or honey.

The best way to understand the difference is to buy two bottles of Chardonnay to try side by side. Oaked and Unoaked-sometimes also called ‘Unwooded’.

Chill well and pour yourself a glass of each.

In the unoaked, you will taste the fruit prominently, there will be more acidity present and it will taste ‘fresher’ or ‘crisper.

In the oaked Chardonnay, the fruit is still present, but it won’t be as bright or crisp.

Instead, it will be balanced with other flavours such as vanilla and spices. It will also have a fuller mouth feel.

Got to love a Fun bit of research like this!!

I paired my Chardonnay with a Delicious barbecued chicken breast dinner- follow the link below the picture to get the recipe!



July Wine Of The Month sales.

We will have two Traditional Vintage Kits on 10% off this July

TV Sangiovese -The official flavour of Italy!

Dry and polished with zesty fruit taste and soft tannins, this ruby coloured red first wins you over with aromas of cocoa, vanilla and cranberry.

TV Riesling - an off-dry charmer with crisp, clean, floral character. Hints of apricot and honey blend well with most foods.