Hello, All,

Apologies for the delay in getting the October news out to you!
So far this month, the weather has been beyond beautiful. How lucky I feel to be breathing in clean crisp air after all that terrible smoke.
We have a few in store specials, and one contest running beginning next week.
Read on below for those details!
Meanwhile, I need to warn you all of a three and a half day closure of Wine Kitz.
I am taking my boy on a little holiday. Unfortunately, my back up plan is off galavanting in another country at that time. The nerve! What, does he think he is retired?? Just kidding, John! Hope you have a wonderful time :))
So- October 24th 1 p.m-5 p.m
      October 25, 25, 27- Closed.
      October 2810 a.m- 4 p.m as per usual.
My apologies for the inconvenience.
I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! May you share food, wine and memories with your friends and family.
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You don't need a reason to crack a good Riesling..!


What better month to celebrate this lovely wine, than October??
Riesling is a Terroir-expressive wine. This means that the climate it is grown in has a huge impact on the wine.
Cooler climates tend to bring out apple and tree fruit notes with a notable acidity that is balanced by residual sugars.
Warmer climates, develop wines with more citrus and peach notes.
Here is a little Riesling fact- Apparently some Rieslings, aged for more than 100 years...are actually very good!!
This grapes acidity lends itself to aging, particularly the dry and off dry varieties.  One can age an acidic but sweet wine up to 20 years! Interestingly, though, the Riesling is one variety that is also excellent when young.

In celebration of this lovely wine, all levels of Riesling kits are 10% off for the month of October!


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Well, looky here.

A chance to win something! Who doesn't love that??

With each purchase of a Cellar Craft showcase kit, be entered into a draw!!

Details in store...c'mon by and check it out!


The 2018 Passport series are available for pre order!

In fact-you must have your orders in by November 30th to guarantee your kits.

As always, you pay only when they arrive. Order all 4, and receive the 4th at a great discount!

Read the text below to attain an idea of the incredible wines on their way.  This series has a reputation to maintain, we may be assured they are of the highest quality.  It is a pleasure to make and sell these kits!


Aglianico- a full-bodied Italian varietal, adds personality to classic
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in a bold crimson blend. With
rustic earthy flavours including spicy pepper, leather and tobacco
to ripe plum and black fruits, this blend’s fine tannins provide a
pleasing and not too astringent finish. The fruit and earth are in
harmony creating a beautifully balanced red wine.

Grenache-This French varietal has a distinctive combination of fruit and
spice in the aroma making for a lively wine. The medium bodied
red boasts flavours of red fruit, with hints of anise and tobacco.
Fine tannins leave the palate balanced on the finish.

Two Roads Red-A real powerhouse, this blend has a bold taste and tannic
backbone. The addition of Petit Syrah softens the jammy notes
that are characteristic of Zinfandel and the Cabernet Sauvignon
lends texture. Dark ripe berry aromas blend with smoke and
spice elements that lead into flavours of black cherry, vanilla,
and black pepper with a lasting finish.

Viognier Roussanne Marsanne-This enchanting white Rhone blend marries three varietals,
Viognier, Roussanne and Marsanne into one tantalizing off-dry
wine. Peach, pear and honeysuckle in the bouquet make way for
hints of spice, pear, tangerine and fresh rose petal on the palate.
Crisp and balanced, the finish allows one to fully enjoy the floral
and fruit flavours.

Call or drop by to reserve your wines.



October Wine Of The Month sales.

We will have two Traditional Vintage Kits on 10% off this September.

TV Malbec

 This fruit forward red is the rising star in new red wines! The bouquet is highlighted by violet, spice and oak followed by rich flavours of blackberry, blueberry, and plum.

TV Liebfraumilch

If soft and mellow is your style, try this delightful blend of Riesling, Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner.