Ho Ho Ho!

I hope this Newsletter finds you all well and enjoying your preparations for the upcoming holidays..?

I am one more week away from being back in store full time, and I cannot say Thank You!! enough to John and Steph for holding down the fort!!

Some have been asking how my adventure turned out, and if you copy and paste the link below to Amy's page, you will see a few pictures and get the goods on how she's doing -


I am grateful for your patience and I look forward to seeing you all in store, soon.

Until then~in those moments when you've got a pile of pressies to wrap, the cat is 'helping' you, you've lost the tape for the fifth time in as many minutes and you can't find the scissors you're holding in your right hand....remember to take a Deep breath, and refill your glass of wine!!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Kerry, John and Steph.



If you have ordered a Passport series Grenache kit, it should be arriving the third week of December!

The Grenache comes to us from France, the Rhone Valley region.

The Rhone Valley begins in the Alps and continues for more than 500 miles along the Rhone River ending at the Mediterranean Sea.

You will find a distinctive combination of fruit and spice in the aroma. Boasting flavours of red fruits with hints of anise and tobacco, this lively wine will pair well with grilled, stewed and braised game meats as well as hearty stews. 

We cannot wait to make the first kits!