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October Month, "Wine Fest" Month

This month is all about the excitement and experience of the beginning of a new wine year. For our loyal newsletter customer like you, let’s kick off Fall with some Wine Fest super discounts to stock up for winter; 10%, 15%, 20%. Our wine of the month gets 5% extra discount and sells at 15% of the price. Now we are getting in the mood, learn about our world class premium Passport Series 2015 limited release wine kits. These are an absolute must and now offered at an attractive unprecedented incentive, offered at an attractive unprecedented incentive, 10% off when ordered in October with a deposit of $50. Further our short (p)review on the grape harvests around the world will help you with what to look for when doing your next purchase.


October “Wine Fest”

Buy more get more

Enough reason to take a minute and see what’s on this month. Grape harvest on the northern hemisphere has launched traditions of festivals and tastings. For us a good moment to have great sales allowing you to stock up for the winter.

Buy one kit and get 10% off, buy two get 15% off the second kit, buy three and get your third kit at a 20% discount off the list price*.

*Not valid for Limited release and Specialty kits. Discounts cannot be combined. Highest discount applies to the lowest priced kit.



Passport Series 2015: Early birds 10% discount

You know me as a wine passionate, so what should I do to really get your attention.
Our 2015 limited release kits are a series of five world class premium toppers of extreme value and of extraordinary quality and taste. I do not want to be too pushy here, but for each serious wine lover these are ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES. Pay attention, available on preorder only and because I really love to share the experience with you, at a discount for the early birds. When ordered with deposit in October, 10% off the kit price. Our order deadline for all Passport series is November 20th. Kits come nicely staggered  from December to March. See our product info section on our website for full product details.

Pinot Noir Sonoma Valley, California $152.00

A light to medium bodied, dry red. In store February 2015.

Light bodied with soft aromas of cherry, vanilla, and earthy undertones. On the palate bold flavors of red and black cherry and strawberry are balanced by a touch of mellow spice. This fruity and bright wine is ruby in color with a smooth, satisfying finish.

Volcanic Red Curicó Valley Chile $178.00

A full bodied dry red wine. In store March 2015.

Three classic Chilean varietals Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère and Merlot make this bold, full bodied blend erupting with sweet fruit flavors from the Cabernet Sauvignon, spicy and earthy notes from the Carménère, rounded out with soft fruit and chocolate notes from the Merlot. Deep red, smooth and balanced, with a lingering finish.

Pinot Gris Willamette Valley Oregon $142.00

Willamette Valley Oregon, a medium bodied, dry to off dry white wine. In store January 2015.

Look for aromatics of lemon, green apple and subtle floral notes with flavors of fresh-cut pear, mango and tropical fruits. Medium body with a pale straw color, Oregon’s Pinot Gris boasts zesty acidity balanced by a slight sweetness and lingering finish. 

Petit Verdot Yakima Valley, Washington $152.00

A full bodied, dry red. In store December 2014.

Traditionally used in Bordeaux blends to give color and aromatics, Petit Verdot produces a bold, well-structured wine on its own. Expect intense color and aromas of vanilla, cedar and smoke, followed by ripe cherry and blackberry flavors. This full bodied wine has warm undertones of mocha, firm tannins, and a rich and robust finish.

Brunello Style Montalcino Italy $178.00

An Italian full bodied, dry red. In store January 2015.

An elegant wine made from Sangiovese grapes with a deep garnet hue, full body and velvety texture. Aromas of leather, cranberry, tobacco, and rich flavors of ripe cherry with a hint of earthiness define this classic Italian wine style. Smooth tannins and ripe fruit driven characteristics make this well balanced with a silky finish. Check the BC liquor store, priced from $59.99 to $199.99 per bottle.


Wine of the Month

Our wine of the month are Traditional Vintage (5 weeks) & Ultimate Estate Reserve (8 weeks) Wine Kitz brand collections: Malbec and Riesling . Our Wine Fest deal is, wine of the month discounted to 15%, an extra 5% off the price.

TV Riesling

This perfect picnic wine is moderately dry with a refreshing bouquet of honey and tropical flowers and a clean, crisp finish. Great with simple fare. 

TV Riesling - Australia

An off-dry charmer with crisp, clean, floral character. Hints of apricot and honey blend well with most foods.

UER Riesling - California

This crisp, clean, medium-dry white refreshes with its citrus bouquet. Swirling in your glass are the mingling flavours of grapefruit, apple, honey flowers, peach and a subtle mineral tone.

TV Malbec - Argentina

This fruit forward red is the rising star in new red wines! The bouquet is highlighted by violet, spice and oak followed by rich flavours of blackberry, blueberry, and plum.

UER Malbec - Argentina

Argentinean Malbec is the new shining star in the wine world. This wine has a deep Burgundy red colour with aromas and fl avours of ripe, juicy blackberry and blue plum fruit accented by subtle notes of violet, sweet oak and spice. The full-bodied mouth-feel and firm tannins present in its youth will allow the wine to age nicely.


2014 Harvest Preview

Here a short note what to look for when deciding about your next wine. A summary of published (p)reviews of a selection of grape harvests around the world.

After two miserable harvests France predicts a good harvest for their grapes, up to 50% more than last year

At an estimated 15% lower harvest, Italy foresees good quality grapes.

Despite the earthquake that hit some vineyards hard, causing damage believed to be in excess of 80 million dollar, California is expecting a healthy crop year.

Washington expecting to have an early harvest of record grape crop.

Signs of an early ripe and record breaking crop year.

On the Southern Hemisphere where 2014 harvest was about half a year ago.

Facing a challenging growing season with spring frost, Chile’s harvest is low yield, but the warm and dry early harvest season was good and will generate very nicely concentrated and full flavored wines.

Frost has downsized productivity in Mendoza with 40%. However, timely picked white of good quality. The reds contain higher acidity, promising long aging potential.

New Zealand
Large yields and excellent quality for timely picked grapes. Rich berry fruit flavor for the reds. Impressive both young and aged with Pinot Noir leading the way. Very promising.

Hit by a late frost, the harvest was at considerably reduced yield. Nevertheless, wines of great varietal characteristics for the reds and whites packed with flavor.



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