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Wedding wines and bespoke labels.

Typically at the start of the year we would see an increase in customers starting their wedding wines for later on the year. Congratulations! We have a great variety of white, rose and red that have proven to be successful for these occasions. Of course the finishing touch is in the choice of bespoke labels also available with a picture of the couple. Please hop in to discuss.

Spare Passport kits running out

We start running out fast of the pre-order limited release Passport series. The Passport wines have each been popular and successful from since they were first brought on the market. Two of the four blends for this year are in store now of which we had ordered a few extra. If, you are interested, please call to check out. The 2019 series is ‘one-off’ and can not be re-ordered. The last two come in in February and March.


We extend our tradition of the wine-of-the-month promotion. In February, the Traditional Vintage red Cabernet Sauvignon and the white Piesporter are both on sale at a 10% discount. The Piesporter is the lesser known of the two, but is far less exotic than one might expect. The name Piesporter refers to a wine made in and around the village of Piesport on the north bank of the Mosel wine region of Germany. It is a white, light bodied style of wine that ranges from dry to off-dry and can be made from Riesling or Muller Thurgau grapes. If this sounds ok with you, this one is going to be a winner on your deck from Spring into Autumn. 

WINNER December raffle


With the purchase of a kit in December, customers could enter a raffle to win a 50% discount on their next kit of equal value. Each ticket was assigned a unique number and the winner is drawn by means of a digital randomizing app. The lucky winner is Cheri Poznikoff. Congratz Cheri!