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Bring A Friend OR MORE…

You have always wanted to try different wines side by side but cannot handle 30 bottles of each. Well then, bring a friend or more. And if they are new, each of you will get an immediate extra 10% discount on the kits you buy.

Passport Series #4 Super TUSCAN

The last of the four limited edition Passport series arrives in store on March Tuesday 5th.

This red Super Tuscan from Italy has built many friendships in Nelson since we took over Wine Kitz. Super Tuscan, a term made popular in the 1980’s, is used to describe wines made in Chianti that did not follow the strict DOCG rules using varietals non-indigenous to the region. A blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this full-bodied Super Tuscan exhibits aromatic notes of oak, vanilla, leather and spice while the palate punches with bold black cherry and raspberry flavours. Firm but not aggressive tannins and a long lingering finish explain its popularity among the true wine lovers. While the terroir has challenged soil conditions, this benefits the region resulting in lower yields and higher quality wines also loved by critics worldwide.

The pre-order quantities are reserved. We did order a few extra for those who missed the deadline. This is your chance.

Montepulciano is not always Montepulciano

Don’t get caught in that debate. Allow me to explain.

Both from Italy are the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo.

The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano originates from the province of Tuscany and is produced in the vineyards surrounding the town Montepulciano. Predominantly produced of the Sangiovese grape resulting in a wine with naturally elevated acidity and robust herbal, tobacco-like flavors.

Our Montepulciano however originates from the province of Abruzzo, in central Italy. This wine is made of grapes named Montepulciano. These grapes produce medium bodied wines, deeply colored, rich aromatic and with soft tannins. Its profile lends itself for the wine to be consumed young. The wine is not so well known and therefore undervalued. That is the reason I take this opportunity to bring this Montepulciano under your attention at 10% off the kit price.


First kit 10% and second kit 15% off

Our white wine of the month selection is the Chardonnay. A wine well suited for many purposes, deserving its place in every well-stocked wine cellar.

The Chardonnay is a versatile grape that grows well in pretty much most wine-producing areas across the world. The resulting wine style, however, depends not only on where the grapes come from but also what the winemaker makes of it.

Apart from the typical grape characteristics, you can run into various end results, and they are all Chardonnays. Our Chardonnay grapes come from Australia. What you can expect is an ever-fashionable dry, medium-bodied with a blast of flavour featuring green apple, pear and pineapple. If you choose to add the oak, you will find some subtle butterscotch oak elbowing into your olfactory nerves.

Our selected red wine of the month is the Pinot Noir. Again, a grape that you will find from many wine producing regions across the world. The grape does well in cooler areas resulting in a fruitier wine, where the ones produced in a warmer region will contain more tannins.

Characteristic of the Pinot Noir is its lighter and sometimes pale colour. Medium bodied, but fully loaded with flavors. Notes of Cherry, red berry and spice are most typical.

If you choose to age your Pinot Noir, you will find it starts developing additional layers of complexity and flavour, revealing vanilla and earth notes.

Our Pinot Noir is from New Zealand. Please drink the wine slightly chilled for the best experience.

Ps, did you know the Pinot Noir is often used to produce sparkling wine?

Passport Series #3 Malbec-Garnacha-Syrah

The third of the four limited edition Passport series arrives in store on Tuesday 5th.

This red Malbec-Garnacha-Syrah from Argentinean and Spanish grape is unique and will not be found on the shelves of any liquor store. The power of the Passport series is to combine quality juices from all over the world into unique blends. A full-bodied wine with rich aromas of dark berries with nuances of licorice and chocolate. The soft tannins and palate of black and blue berries are complimented with spicy edge creating a long and pleasing finish.

The pre-order quantities are set aside but we ordered a few extra for those who missed the deadline. Customers who reserved all four receive a discount of 50% on the fourth kit which is planned for arrival in March.