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Spring has sprung! Don’t mow down those dandelions!!!

May has shown up in all its glory. Flowers blossoming around every yard and…dandelions. Dandelions aplenty.

Known as the bain of many a lawn-perfectionists existence, these flowers are now known to provide important spring nourishment for our Bees! Don’t poison them!

If your not using pesticides, but doing the work of uprooting and composting them, you might as well go that one step further and create some yummy wine for winter!

It’s going to take a bit of work on your part. This is where young children and grand kids can be a big help-They are, after all, closer to the ground.  Also, they should be encouraged to earn their keep…

Click or copy/paste the link below to find the recipe.

Enjoy the glorious sunny days!

In store now….




We have one kit left of the limited release Viognier Red- Merlot, Syrah and Viognier blend.  Med-Full bodied, Dry with flavours of dark fruits, hints of spice and vanilla.


We have two kits in at the moment of the new Atmosphere Rose- a Pinot Noir Shiraz blend. Sounds like it will be perfect chilled on a warm summer eve sitting on your deck or boat!


Still a couple kits left of the limited editions of Spiced Lime and Pineapple Coconut Niagara Mists-They were brought back by popular demand-get them now before the warm weather hits and they get scooped up!


Two kits left of this years Limited Release Pineapple Ginger Niagara Mist.  Sold out at the warehouse now, so no chance to bring more in for awhile or possibly at all this year.

A Lovely Springtime Recipe!

Well, March was definitely in like a lamb, out like a Lamb…But April sure hit like a Lion!!!

Mother Nature didn’t get the memo about how this is supposed to work, apparently.

50+cm of snow at the ski hill made My heart sing, but left others muttering curse words. Fear not, spring will eventually be here to stay!

Until then, how about a hearty dish made with a dry red wine?

This’ll require TWO bottles, folks. One for the Stew, and one for You!  Click the link below to get to the recipe.




In like a Lamb…

I must admit, I am very much enjoying the mellow weather I woke up to this morning.

It was a treat to go for a run without dreading the bitter wind and blowing snow! There’s still snow aplenty at the ski hills to satisfy my heart..

Speaking of lambs,  I came across this recipe for grilled lamb chops! Of course, the word ‘simple’ in the title attracted me. Who has time for complicated recipes?

Neatly enough, one of our feature Wine of the Months- Sangiovese (Chianti) will pair beautifully with this dish. Let me know what you think.

Here’s a link to follow for the recipe.

I sincerely hope March is not ‘Out like a Lion’

Pretty certain there aren’t recipes to match with that line 😉

Happy March, All!

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Winter hours..


Cleared to begin my Ski season!!

Beginning the week of February 12th, Winter Hours will be in place at the store.

Tuesday through Friday 1-5:30pm

Saturdays 10am-4pm

There will be days I am in store early working on your wines.  The door will be open, of course, but only count on the above hours.

If you need to get in a bit earlier or a bit later, I’m willing to talk about setting up an appointment.

Cheers-see you on the slopes!!