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Happiest Of August to all!

Well, here we are, in the heat of summer. I have to admit, I am Loving it! The heat, the longer days, BBQ’s with friends and family..

Speaking of which- One of my fave summertime treats is a Mojito!

I was delighted to find this recipe online and thought you might enjoy it, as well.


While we are at it- here’s a handy guide for wine pairing.

Enjoy your August everyone!

New Kits coming in, and a Favourite returns!!

2019 Passport series is in production as I type!

It looks like there will be four kits again, so same excellent deal as last years! Order all four in advance-no need to pay up front-and receive 30% off upon purchase of the fourth kit.

Details coming by end of August, I cannot wait!


Peach Icewine!!!

I’m drooling already.

‘Nuff said.

Available for order after August 20th.

Hulloooo, old friend!

Looks who’s returning for a visit. I’ve had so many calls and requests for this kit!

Available for order after August 20th.

How’s the Atmosphere in your home?

If you don’t know what I’m referring to, now is a perfect time to find out ;))

August 7th right through until the 31st, ALL Atmosphere kits are on sale for 10% off. By two and get the second at 15% off!!

These are the kits I seem to make  most often for myself and my friends. Such an excellent wine at a moderate price point, always a crowd pleaser at Potlucks and BBQ`s.





Ok, First of all-this post is for allllll my wine lovin’ friends, regardless of gender!

I don’t eat a lot of salads in the winter (might explain why I ‘winter’ so well) but come spring and summer, I live on them!

What I really liked about this article-aside from the mouth watering photos, which I am a total sucker for-is the choice of Red or White wines.  I bounce back and forth between those camps, with an occasional Rose thrown into the mix.  (I’m flexible, that way)

A lot of my friends are firmly entrenched in one side or the, this article offers options for Everyone!

Which will you try first??

6 Healthy Salad and Wine Pairings for Your Next Girls’ Night In

Some changes are for the better, even if they’re initially a royal pain in the Patoutie…

Good Day, All!

If you’ve been by the store lately, you will have noticed the change in traffic patterns.

Guess what? It’s going to get worse before it gets better!

I think we should celebrate the chaos. Why not? It’s happening regardless of how we feel about the situation. We have all (city workers included) experienced varying degrees of frustration surrounding the never ending Hall St projects.

Therefore, I am holding the first (Please, let it be the Only!!)

Detour Days….

June 19-22

>Four days only.

>In store stock only, no holds, no rain checks

>10% off your first kit

>20% off your second kit!!!

(of equal or lesser value)

Talk about great timing!

A nice reward for braving the chaos of the road work, and just in time for putting on your winter wines!

Thank you for your continued support during these somewhat trying times!



**additional kits(three or more)available at 15% off.)

PS No, I have no idea why my computer switched the text to italics, but now it’s stubbornly refusing to change it back. Gotta love technology.

Or, not. At best technology and I tolerate each other…