Blended Wines

A while back, I wrote that blended juices can result in wines of highly interesting character and taste.

True. A blended wine meant here, is one made of a combination of different grapes or harvests. Which ones and how much of each is often a secret that winemakers keep to themselves and will therefore not always be shared. Even when revealed, the winemaking process is so complex that two winemakers with exactly the same grape juices will be able to produce two notably different wines.

Blending makes wines more complex and is used to create the unique character of a wine. Blending can enhance aromas, color, texture, body and finish, making the wine more well-rounded and interesting to enjoy. For example, if a wine with say strong body and alcohol content would render insufficiently strong aroma, a winemaker can add a small amount of a more potent smelling grape or use grapes harvested in different stages of ripeness.

There are other ways of blending that would involve interfering in the winemaking process, that I would be glad talking with you about when we meet in store.

Our juice blends are picked from critically selected locations around the world to provide you with the best possible tasting experience.