Canadian wine more affordable than ever

BC wine lovers, pay attention. We proudly present BC’s Cab Sauvignon. The results from the first in process tasting are promising. The profile is exactly right with dark fruit aromas of black cherry, blackberry and blackcurrant flavors. Oak does not present itself too explicitly in this stage but will do so over time. A full-bodied Cabern-EH for which you would assume a much higher price tag. Make now drink this Christmas.


From the Niagara wine region in Ontario the Chardonn-EH is made dry or off dry, whichever way you prefer.  A natural fruit forward wine that you can start drinking later on this summer. This Chardonnay Musqué is a clone of the famous white Chardonnay wine grape originally from Burgundy France.

This un-oaked wine shows crisp apple, tropical fruit and muscat aromas followed by lush stone fruit flavors. The flavors in our wine are fresh, succulent and juicy. A pleasant surprise. Drink whilst young.