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Passport Series™ 2020 ORDER BEFORE NOVEMBER 15, 2019

Your ticket to a new world of wine. Tour different terroir, explore the exotic and uncover the unique.
Every year Passport SeriesTM takes us to new countries – from highly touted up-and-coming regions to age-old vineyards with long histories of excellence – it is an adventure through some of the most prominent and well-respected wine-growing regions around the world.
From classic varietals to charismatic blends, this limited release wine series celebrates the unique, thrives on exploration, and insists on excellence. Available for just a short time and by reservation only, the exclusive Passport SeriesTM takes you on a new, exhilarating journey every year, making this collection a highly sought-after one of a kind wine experience.
Every year an adventure; every bottle an expedition. This is the road less travelled. Where will your Passport take you?

Pre-order all four and get a $50 discount on the fourth!

Union Red- Provence France. Release date December 2019. Price $160Passport2020_EmailBanners_600x300_UNION-RED_ENG
Union Red is a flavourful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of cassis and savoury spice, along with flavours of black currant on the palate and a juicy dark berry finish. The Merlot and Cabernet Franc unify this blend and bring flavours of black cherry, tobacco and subtle hints of pepper.
From a historic region that rests along the Mediterranean coast of France, bordered to the west by the Rhone River and Cote d’Azur on the east. The Provence is blessed with a perfect climate for growing grapes; lots of sunshine, minimal rain, and warm days and cool nights.
Drink alongside a black pepper steak, braised leg of lamb or prime rib. Alternatively try a savoury lentil or mushroom stew, or roasted potatoes and root vegetables. Cheddar, aged Gouda or other hard cheeses also make a great pairing for Union Red.

Union White- Provence France. Release date January 2020. Price $150
A classic dry French blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon create the crisp and medium body, Union White. Expect aromas and flavours of citrus, gooseberry, and pear with faint herbaceous and mineral notes. Union White has bright acidity, bold aromatics and flavours with a clean finish.
The Provence is the oldest wine-producing region in France with over 2600 years of grape growing experience. The region borders Italy and the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its diverse landscapes from the Southern Alps to the rolling vineyards and olive groves. Wild rosemary, juniper, thyme and lavender grow all over the region which creates the character in the wines. The region is graced with a Mediterranean climate of warm days and cool nights and a diverse mix of terroir.
Sip this wine alongside shellfish such as oysters and mussels, or white fish like cod or halibut (with butter, caper and lemon sauces). A fresh arugula salad with a lemon parmesan dressing, goat cheese appetizers, tabbouleh, or asparagus risotto would also pair well. Key food flavours that enhance this wine are basil, parsley and citrus.

Dos Grenache- Spain/ Australia. Release date February 2020. Price $160
Dos Grenache is a unique full-body blend of Grenache from Spain and Australia. In Spain, they call the grape Garnacha and it brings jammy aromas and flavours of strawberry, blackberry and dark cherry. The Australian Grenache has very similar characteristics but adds extra richness with notes of candied juicy ripe fruit. Dos Grenache is lush with intense berry flavours, along with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, dried herbs and spice.
Chiva is located in Valencia which is the centre of Spain’s sunny east coast. The Riverland region in southern Australia is the largest wine-growing region that is located east of the Barossa Valley and extends along the Murray River. Chiva experiences very hot days that are relieved with a sea breeze from the Mediterranean. Riverland with a continental climate sees hot dry and sunny days and relies on the Murray River to irrigate the vines ensuring fully ripe and flavourful grapes.
A great wine to match with any grilled, stewed or braised meats especially rosemary rack of lamb. The spice in Grenache also pairs well with hearty dishes that are herb heavy and savoury such as herb-roasted vegetables or ratatouille. For cheese try Manchego or a mild blue.

Carménère Petit Verdot- Chile with grape skins. Release date March 2020. Price $180
A spicy blend of Carménère and Petit Verdot that is balanced, and fruit-driven. Look for black cherry, blackberry and fig with earthy undertones, notes of chocolate, tobacco, tea leaves and savoury spice from the Carménère. The Petit Verdot adds another layer of ripe black fruits, plum and spice on both the nose and palate.
The Curico Valley is in central Chile, south of the capital, Santiago. It’s a warm valley between the Andes and Coastal mountains. The valley has a Mediterranean climate that experiences hot days and humid cool nights ideal for growing aromatic and flavourful grapes. The soils are composed of limestone and volcanic rock which both contribute to the bold flavours in this wine.
Beef brisket, filet mignon, and BBQ lamb chops are just a few of the dishes to pair with this Chilean blend. Stuffed peppers with chorizo and rice and legume-based dishes are also an excellent match. Try with hard cheeses such as aged cheddar or pair it with 70% dark chocolate. A spicy blend of Carménère and Petit Verdot that is balanced, and fruit-driven. Look for black cherry, blackberry and fig with earthy undertones, notes of chocolate, tobacco, tea leaves and savoury spice from the Carménère. The Petit Verdot adds another layer of ripe black fruits, plum and spice on both the nose and palate.

NEW MY WINE CO all-in-one 4 l Winemaking kit for $29.99

MY WINE CO is the only all-in-one winemaking kit that makes 4 litres, the equivalent of about 5 and a half bottles of quality wine in a convenient bag-in-box format in just 3 weeks. MY WINE CO is a unique and new concept of home winemaking developed after listening to the market and applying over 50 years of research findings and home winemaking expertise.
No additional bottles and equipment required. No space, no time, no winemaking stuff needed! MY WINE CO tackles these limitations for you and offers quality at a very attractive and competitive price, $29.99!
MY WINE CO comes in two varietals.
White: Pinot Grigio, crisp lively wine with a floral bouquet and flavours of ripe tropical fruit and gentle spice 12% alcohol.
Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, an easy-drinking red packed with juicy black currant fruit aromas. Hints of cassis and spice accented with underlying tones of oak.
I am inviting you to come and have a look.

Blended Wines

A while back, I wrote that blended juices can result in wines of highly interesting character and taste.

True. A blended wine meant here, is one made of a combination of different grapes or harvests. Which ones and how much of each is often a secret that winemakers keep to themselves and will therefore not always be shared. Even when revealed, the winemaking process is so complex that two winemakers with exactly the same grape juices will be able to produce two notably different wines.

Blending makes wines more complex and is used to create the unique character of a wine. Blending can enhance aromas, color, texture, body and finish, making the wine more well-rounded and interesting to enjoy. For example, if a wine with say strong body and alcohol content would render insufficiently strong aroma, a winemaker can add a small amount of a more potent smelling grape or use grapes harvested in different stages of ripeness.

There are other ways of blending that would involve interfering in the winemaking process, that I would be glad talking with you about when we meet in store.

Our juice blends are picked from critically selected locations around the world to provide you with the best possible tasting experience.

Spare Passport kits running out

We start running out fast of the pre-order limited release Passport series. The Passport wines have each been popular and successful from since they were first brought on the market. Two of the four blends for this year are in store now of which we had ordered a few extra. If, you are interested, please call to check out. The 2019 series is ‘one-off’ and can not be re-ordered. The last two come in in February and March.

WINNER December raffle


With the purchase of a kit in December, customers could enter a raffle to win a 50% discount on their next kit of equal value. Each ticket was assigned a unique number and the winner is drawn by means of a digital randomizing app. The lucky winner is Cheri Poznikoff. Congratz Cheri!