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Blended Wines

A while back, I wrote that blended juices can result in wines of highly interesting character and taste.

True. A blended wine meant here, is one made of a combination of different grapes or harvests. Which ones and how much of each is often a secret that winemakers keep to themselves and will therefore not always be shared. Even when revealed, the winemaking process is so complex that two winemakers with exactly the same grape juices will be able to produce two notably different wines.

Blending makes wines more complex and is used to create the unique character of a wine. Blending can enhance aromas, color, texture, body and finish, making the wine more well-rounded and interesting to enjoy. For example, if a wine with say strong body and alcohol content would render insufficiently strong aroma, a winemaker can add a small amount of a more potent smelling grape or use grapes harvested in different stages of ripeness.

There are other ways of blending that would involve interfering in the winemaking process, that I would be glad talking with you about when we meet in store.

Our juice blends are picked from critically selected locations around the world to provide you with the best possible tasting experience.

Spare Passport kits running out

We start running out fast of the pre-order limited release Passport series. The Passport wines have each been popular and successful from since they were first brought on the market. Two of the four blends for this year are in store now of which we had ordered a few extra. If, you are interested, please call to check out. The 2019 series is ‘one-off’ and can not be re-ordered. The last two come in in February and March.

WINNER December raffle


With the purchase of a kit in December, customers could enter a raffle to win a 50% discount on their next kit of equal value. Each ticket was assigned a unique number and the winner is drawn by means of a digital randomizing app. The lucky winner is Cheri Poznikoff. Congratz Cheri!

Personal recommendation

I hear you thinking,  ….”so what”? Ok, fair enough. Let’s say if you ever get a chance to buy this one by the glass, do not miss that opportunity.

Here is what we have;

Our Legacy Montepulciano is an Italian character wine. Widely grown throughout Italy, this deep coloured medium-bodied red wine has spicy, fruit-forward flavours. It is un-oaked, smooth and mellow and it possesses good ageing potential. Try this wine with grilled steaks or kabobs. Let us know when you have.

Review Harvest update 2018.

A high-level publication by, reviewing the harvest of 2018 for the countries we source our juices from concludes: ‘a good average’

Below we provide you with a few ‘one-liner’ summaries.

Statistics are partly based on outcomes (for the Southern hemisphere), partly on mid-year indications (for the Northern Hemisphere).

Argentina harvested an estimated 2.55 million tonnes, after three smaller-than-average vintages in a row. This sees it return to the fifth place on the world wine production table, overtaking Australia.

Chile may also overtake Australia, with a reported wine crush of 1.3 billion litres or around 1.85 million tonnes – 36 percent more than in 2017.

Australia’s harvest of 1.79 million tonnes was 10 percent below the 2017 harvest but slightly above the long-term average of 1.76 million tonnes.

South Africa’s harvest of 1.2 million tonnes was 15 percent below last year’s, after they suffered the worst drought in 100 years.

New Zealand had an increase of 6 percent, but their harvest of 400,000 tonnes – while the third largest on record for the country – is still relatively small in global terms.

The United States of America is on track for an average harvest of around 3.8 million tonnes, despite extreme heat and wildfires and hail storms.

Spain is predicted to produce close to 6 million tonnes (4–4.2 billion litres), with dry conditions going into vintage but good stocks of groundwater after a wet winter. If realised, this will be the highest crop since 2013 and 7 per cent above the 10-year average.

France is also expecting an above-average crop – more than 6.5 million tonnes (4.7 billion litres), which would see it back at the top of the production rankings by volume.

Italy is suffering an intense heat wave accompanied by storms, leading to disease pressure – but is tentatively forecast to produce just less than 6 million tonnes – a bit more than in 2017, but up to 10 per cent below its long-term average.

Putting all these outcomes and forecasts together gives an estimate for the 2018 global harvest of around 39 million tonnes or 27.3 billion litres – 2 per cent above average and 11 per cent above 2017. Importantly, this would be approximately 3 billion litres higher than global wine consumption, which has stayed around 24 billion litres since 2009 according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), and would see the world wine market potentially move back into over-supply.

Where is Canada?

On a world scale, Canada takes the 28th position by volume in wine producing countries. This number may be based on a few years old stats, but there should not have been too much of a movement over these years. The map shown will still hold value.