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NEW MY WINE CO all-in-one 4 l Winemaking kit for $29.99

MY WINE CO is the only all-in-one winemaking kit that makes 4 litres, the equivalent of about 5 and a half bottles of quality wine in a convenient bag-in-box format in just 3 weeks. MY WINE CO is a unique and new concept of home winemaking developed after listening to the market and applying over 50 years of research findings and home winemaking expertise.
No additional bottles and equipment required. No space, no time, no winemaking stuff needed! MY WINE CO tackles these limitations for you and offers quality at a very attractive and competitive price, $29.99!
MY WINE CO comes in two varietals.
White: Pinot Grigio, crisp lively wine with a floral bouquet and flavours of ripe tropical fruit and gentle spice 12% alcohol.
Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, an easy-drinking red packed with juicy black currant fruit aromas. Hints of cassis and spice accented with underlying tones of oak.
I am inviting you to come and have a look.

Your Private Label

If you were considering making wine from your own fruit, please hop in for some guidelines and suggestions. We can help you do that in-store, or you can do it at home. A unique and exciting experience.

The past few summers, many clients brought in some of their own fruit to combine with a kit.

It works as follows: bring one or two pounds of fruit when you are going to start a wine, for instance, berries and preferably deep-frozen, that we add to the juice of a wine kit during the fermentation process. The result is a unique, deliciously rich wine with extra-long finales, beautiful taste and aroma.

You could also bring in your own juice from your own freshly picked fruit.

Before doing so, and to see which juices or fresh fruit and wine combinations will result in an enjoyable result, please hop in for some guidelines and suggestions. A unique and exciting experience.

White or Red Wine.

What was the story again about how white and red wines are made?
First, it is good to realize that there are over 10.000 varieties of grapes used to produce wine. Just a handful of these has red flesh whereas most of the grapes have flesh that is light greenish coloured.
White wine can be made with either white or red grapes. The major difference between white and red wine is that white wines are fermented without the grape skins. For red wine, it is during the early stage of the fermentation process that the wine extracts its colour from the exposed grape skins. After a few days, depending on the desired wine style, the skins are removed from the fermentation process. Et voilà.

Passport Series #4 Super TUSCAN

The last of the four limited edition Passport series arrives in store on March Tuesday 5th.

This red Super Tuscan from Italy has built many friendships in Nelson since we took over Wine Kitz. Super Tuscan, a term made popular in the 1980’s, is used to describe wines made in Chianti that did not follow the strict DOCG rules using varietals non-indigenous to the region. A blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this full-bodied Super Tuscan exhibits aromatic notes of oak, vanilla, leather and spice while the palate punches with bold black cherry and raspberry flavours. Firm but not aggressive tannins and a long lingering finish explain its popularity among the true wine lovers. While the terroir has challenged soil conditions, this benefits the region resulting in lower yields and higher quality wines also loved by critics worldwide.

The pre-order quantities are reserved. We did order a few extra for those who missed the deadline. This is your chance.

Montepulciano is not always Montepulciano

Don’t get caught in that debate. Allow me to explain.

Both from Italy are the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo.

The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano originates from the province of Tuscany and is produced in the vineyards surrounding the town Montepulciano. Predominantly produced of the Sangiovese grape resulting in a wine with naturally elevated acidity and robust herbal, tobacco-like flavors.

Our Montepulciano however originates from the province of Abruzzo, in central Italy. This wine is made of grapes named Montepulciano. These grapes produce medium bodied wines, deeply colored, rich aromatic and with soft tannins. Its profile lends itself for the wine to be consumed young. The wine is not so well known and therefore undervalued. That is the reason I take this opportunity to bring this Montepulciano under your attention at 10% off the kit price.