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Business Packages

Appreciate your clients and employees the giving season with a bottle of your favorite wine. Nobody starts holiday planning as early as we do. We are here to help you plan your corporate gift giving with an extensive lineup of popular wines. All wrapped in great value Business packages and a wide selection of completely customizable labels to finish the presentation with your message and a professional look. Start your wine today and be ready for the giving season! And you know, we guarantee satisfaction, 100%! All our Specialty wines are very popular and known of leaving a lasting impression. Impress your clients and employees with a personal touch-note. Contact us to learn more about the options.

Coastal Sunset now Cheeky Monkey Limited Release

Cheeky Monkey Limited replaces the Coastal Sunset we all know so well. This years’ Summer limited release kits are from the Cheeky Monkey line. Two ‘Blends that rock’! The pre-ordered kits are reserved. Extra kits ordered for those who missed the chance to pre-order. Please be quick. First come first served.

Both blends come as a 10 L, 4 weeks kit, complete with plastic labels. In store first week of August.

 ‘Blends that rock’!

Three Dog White: a dry white from Spain featuring the Torrontes-Chardonnay-Viognier blend. Red Zeppelin: a red blend from Italy; the Nebbiolo-Barbera. Each of the grapes contribute complementary characteristics in their blends. Both white and red produce a very pleasurable wine and do fine as a dining wine as well as a wine to sip away on your deck. Both blends come as a 10 L, 4 weeks kit, complete with plastic labels.


Torrontes-Chardonnay-Viognier: 12%, Light-Medium bodied, Un-oaked. Can be made dry or off-dry to meet your preference. The traditional and Mediterranean character of Spain.

This dry white opens with a vibrant tropical fruit and floral bouquet, and will quickly have you grooving to the tune of lush peach and apricot with hints of citrus. Refreshing acidic, the long fruity finish will have you up on your feet chanting for more.

Nebbiolo-Barbera: 13%, Full bodied, Oaked, Dry. Undisputable Italian.

This headliner red rocks ripe red berry flavors and tart cherry tang, balancing it out with harmonious earthy floral notes and fresh acidity. Moderate tannins back it all up. The juicy cherry aroma is highlighted with the subtle scent of tar and roses. The wine is worthy, you will like this.

Oak Barrel Aging

Wine Kitz Nelson now brings Oak Barrel Aging (OBA) within reach for the home brewer and for in-store brewing of private batches. OBA is applied in commercial wineries for fine quality wines before these are released for market distribution. The underlying process is complex, subtle and can be very rewarding.

 Prices Oak Barrel Aging

In store one treatment   $22.50+ tax
In store subscription for five treatments (does not expire) $100.00+ tax
23 l Oak barrel complete with stand and bung  (spigot is optional) $275.00+ tax

What is brings?
Wines exposed to OBA are perceived as softer, smoother with more developed aroma’s and with a more pleasant mouth feel than wines of the same age that have not undergone OBA but were bottled from the carboy straight after filtering. OBA seems to quicken the maturing process. The reduced astringency and the enriched flavor one can definitely taste, already when the wine is being bottled. Apart from a series of complex chemical reactions whereby aroma, color and mouth feel are being altered, two processes contribute significantly to the OBA: i.e. Micro oxygenation and oak flavor extraction.

Once bottled, the aging process continues in your basement or storage, but you may expect a considerably shorter time required to reach and enjoy the full matured characteristics of your wines.

OBA in our Wine Kitz winery takes place in 23L oak barrels. This allows for your batch to get the optimal individual treatment. Because of the barrel size, your wine is exposed to a relatively high surface to content ratio compared to larger commercial barrels. The smaller the barrel, the newer the barrel and the more time spent in the barrel, the more oak flavors will be imparted into the wine. After a number of uses the barrel needs to be replaced by new ones to obtain the full sought after effect.

OBA requires wines with sufficient body and structure and best results should be expected from the higher grade WineKitz wines (premium and up). OBA requires an additional three to five weeks before you can bottle your wine. OBA is an additional treatment that takes place after filtering when the wine has gone through all process steps and would normally be bottled.