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Our Wine Of The Month

We picked a few wines that you will definitely love.
The Gewürztraminer
With its pale, yellow colour and floral, spicy aromas this wine’s distinct aromatic character is evident in the taste where peach and apricot flavours continue into a persistent finish. The spicy notes on the nose and tongue create an ideal match for oriental dishes, smoked salmon and mildly spiced foods. Crisp and off-dry with excellent acidity.
The Pinot Noir
Most people that I speak with are surprised to learn that the Pinot Noir is a grape often used to produce Champagne to which it contributes elegance, perfume and body.
Most of us, however, know the Pinot Noir as a red wine that comes fully loaded with intense flavours notes of violets, cherry, red berry, spice and a touch of earth. If you like a glass of Burgundy, this is exactly it. The Burgundy is made of the Pinot Noir grape.
An elegant, easy drinking red wine best enjoyed with gourmet pizzas, mushroom based dishes or as a sipping wine. Also, do not resist the temptation to show it off with your signature grilled chicken pasta dish!
The Niagara Mist Fruit wines
A uniquely refreshing series of wine beverage with a bold splash of ripe fruit.
The Niagara name has become synonymous with incredible wines and wonderfully tasty fruits. Niagara Mist® combines famous wine styles with sassy fruit flavours. These delightfully light and refreshing, exciting combinations are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion. ‘Any occasion’ being my deck during Summer too? Yes, absolutely! There are too many combinations to list here. Just hop in the store and get inspired.

Bring A Friend OR MORE…

You have always wanted to try different wines side by side but cannot handle 30 bottles of each. Well then, bring a friend or more. And if they are new, each of you will get an immediate extra 10% discount on the kits you buy.