Some changes are for the better, even if they’re initially a royal pain in the Patoutie…

Good Day, All!

If you’ve been by the store lately, you will have noticed the change in traffic patterns.

Guess what? It’s going to get worse before it gets better!

I think we should celebrate the chaos. Why not? It’s happening regardless of how we feel about the situation. We have all (city workers included) experienced varying degrees of frustration surrounding the never ending Hall St projects.

Therefore, I am holding the first (Please, let it be the Only!!)

Detour Days….

June 19-22

>Four days only.

>In store stock only, no holds, no rain checks

>10% off your first kit

>20% off your second kit!!!

(of equal or lesser value)

Talk about great timing!

A nice reward for braving the chaos of the road work, and just in time for putting on your winter wines!

Thank you for your continued support during these somewhat trying times!



**additional kits(three or more)available at 15% off.)

PS No, I have no idea why my computer switched the text to italics, but now it’s stubbornly refusing to change it back. Gotta love technology.

Or, not. At best technology and I tolerate each other…