cheeky monkey 2016

Cheeky Monkey: Tour de France

A limited release of our Cheeky Monkey ‘au Style Français’. One Bordeaux style medium to full bodied red and a medium bodied white. 5 weeks kit, matures quickly. No pre order, just rush in. Limited available.

The Enchanté Red
This vibrant blend has a certain je ne sais quoi that is sure to leave you charmed. Cherry and currant aromas rendezvous with notes of oak; rich avant-garde flavors of cherry, currant, and plum are accented by oak and a soft tannin finish. Enchanté, indeed.


The Déjà Vu White
This Bordeaux-style blanc may give you a little déjà vu, but our New World twist will have you saying ‘ooh la la’. Lemon, lime, and subtle grapefruit aromas lead in to the true pièce de résistance – a dry, crisp palate with fresh citrus and melon flavors, rounded out with soft oak and gentle vanilla notes. Voila! C’est magnifique!