Fun and Weird Wine facts!


With New Years Day fast approaching, I feel it fitting to begin with This fact.

Wine Doesn’t Make You Fat

While beer makes that unaesthetic beer belly, wine does not affect your waistline at all. In fact recent studies showed that “women who routinely drank moderate amounts of alcohol, totaling about one drink per day, carried almost 10 pounds less body fat than women who did not drink at all”. Experts believe that the calories in alcohol are not metabolized in the same way as calories from carbohydrates, fats or protein. So if you are about to start a diet to lose weight, then you should consider having a glass of wine instead of chocolate pudding for dessert.

Aging Wine

In ancient Egypt, the ability to store wine to maturity was considered Alchemy and was the privilege of only the Pharaohs.

-sip on this juice

You’re Kidding me, right?

In ancient times, Roman women were forbidden to drink wine. If a wife was found drinking wine, her husband was in his full right to divorce her or even kill her.

These days, I’m pretty certain I’d have the right to divorce my husband if I was Denied my wine… However, I probably wouldn’t get away with murder and since they don’t serve wine in jail, well…

Oh…I must be Italian.

The average Italian consumes 11 gallons of wine per year.

-The Black

Have a sip of this for me and tell me what you think..

The custom of bumping glasses and saying ‘Cheers!’ comes from ancient Rome and is hardly a friendly gesture. This method was used and especially by important officials to make sure no one was trying to poison them. They’d bump glasses hard enough to make the drink spill from one cup into another.

Apparently, this whole poisoning thing was a big problem back then.


How do you hold a wine glass? There is a right and wrong way. Wine glasses should be held by the stem, so that way  the hand does not raise the temperature of the wine. The stem is for a reason!

So much for my beloved (and more difficult to spill!) stemless glasses.


No. Just, Don’t.

“Toasting” started in ancient Rome when the Romans sustained the Greek tradition. They would drop a piece of toasted bread into the wine glass to soften unsavory tastes.


I’ll start now and better my chances of success.

Wine acts as a mild euphoric agent to the convalescent and especially the elderly. Additionally wine might even preserve cognitive function in this group as well


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