Major French wine styles: the Alsace region

With their about 8 billion bottles of wine produced every year, the French wine history goes back to the 6th century BC. Rest assured that quite some quality wine is being produced in France. Over the centuries, several wine styles developed that are now being copied all over the world. Here are a few and their likes we have in our range. Previous month we talked about the Bordeaux. This month a few words on wines from the Alsace region.

With their cooler climate in the North-East corner in France, adjacent to Germany, the Alsace produces predominantly white wines. Most are labeled with their grape varietals. It will be of no surprise that there are significant similarities in grape varietals grown in Germany. Throughout history, the Alsace passed several times from France to Germany and vice versa. A difference is that traditionally,  wine makers from the Alsace tend to produce dryer wine styles. Off course, pressure of global taste profiles, have led some producers to produce wines containing higher levels of residual sugar. Many of the white wines of the Alsace are made from aromatic grape varieties resulting in aromatic, floral and spicy wines. Because these are rarely produced in oak barrels they are pure in their varietal character.

Popular white grapes that are typical for the Alsace region are Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner and Muscat. A red Pinot Noir produced in the Alsace is often recognized by its pale red almost rosé of color. Under the rules of the appellation, only one grape varietal may be mentioned on the label meaning that blends may not have more than one varietal name on their label.

With the exception of the Sylvaner and the Muscat, Wine Kitz Nelson carries all these varietals in the range. As you know, with us, you can have your wine made ranging from dry to sweet to meet your preference.

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