New ‘Kit’ in town: Atmosphere Müller-Thurgau

We are introducing a new series of well priced quality kits: “Atmosphere”. Let’s put one in the spotlight. This month the white Müller-Thurgau.

This grape is a cross between the Riesling grape and the Madeleine Royale. It’s creator Dr. Müller (from the Swiss canton of Thurgau), bred the grape in 1882. It displays the delicious apricot, sweet apple flavours and peach aromas of the Riesling and the slight Muscat taste of the Madeleine Royale.

A well-rounded food wine, pairing well with fish, shellfish, chicken and other light food. It’s also a perfect choice for snacks like potato chips  but mostly it’s a very satisfying wine to quench a thirst in good company. I’ll guarantee you will fall in love with this one. Dry to off dry.

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