November 2017 Newsletter ~ It’s time for another Customer Appreciation draw!






Hello, All.

Well, you’ve been putting up with me for almost One Year!!

To that end, I’d say it is time for me to show my appreciation for You.

It’s been a few months since I’ve done any form of a draw for you, so let’s see….

I think we shall do a draw on November 17th.

For every kit you purchase between November 1 and November 17, 2017 you will receive an entry into a draw to win :

1st Place-Free Traditional Vintage wine kit!!

2cnd Place-30% off your next kit purchase!

3rd Place-20% off your next kit purchase!

4th Place-15% off your next kit purchase!

Four prizes-far better odds than the lotto 😉

Why November 17th, you ask?


This leads me to part deux of the introduction to Novembers Newsletter.

I’m going to be away from the store for a month. But- not to worry!! Steph and John will have it covered!

There are only Three days the store will need to be closed.

***November 22, 23, 24. ***

John will be making a Super Star guest appearance for a few weeks, Wednesday – Fridays. There are a some days where he has early or late meetings, so the store will open late, or close a bit early. Please be patient, we are doing the best we can to serve you well during this time.

I am hoping to return to work by the third week or so of December, and will have some hired muscle to help me out for the next six- ten weeks or so.  (For the concerned and/or just curious- I am Fine, great actually.  My friend in Ontario, however, is not. She has been living on dialysis for ten hours a night for almost three years. She needs a kidney and I just happen to have an extra.  We still have a last minute test to do back east when I arrive, but so far- we match. Yay, science!)

Might as well mention now  the Christmas hours for the store- how did That sneak up so fast on me??

We shall be closed December 26th through January 1st.

Winter business hours will not commence until mid-late January depending on my healing time. (gotta ski, ya know!!)


Customer appreciation draws..wooHoo!

John Kortram will be in store for 9 or 10 days-come and say Hi!

Christmas is almost Here!

Happy November, people, and, Thank you, for your continued support.