Passport Limited release produces wine of extraordinary quality.

Few kits available. No second chance!

We have produced and sampled every wine in this series now. Our taste impression:
Pinot Noir (red): Typical Pinot Noir. Light and fruit. Sold out
Petit Verdot (red): Red fruit, rich but green. Few kits left
Brunello Montalcino (red): Fruity, deep tones, will require more time to develop. Few kits left
Volcanic Red (red): Intense, full bodied, complex, too young to fully display itself. Few kits left
Pinot Gris (white): Relatively aromatic for this grape, light and fruity. Few kits left
This limited release series keeps its promise, delivering rich and characteristic wines with good initial aroma. Especially the reds will need further time before fully displaying their bouquet.