holiday wine

Recommendation for Christmas Holiday wines

The more time you allow red wines to age the smoother and more aromatic the wine turns out. A few styles do pretty well with a shorter aging time. Start one of these now for this Holiday! Our recommendations:

Red table wine: From our Traditional Vintage the Valpolicella and Gamay Bergamais as well as the full Cheeky Monkey line do well with a shorter aging time.

Blush: Traditional Vintage Zinfandel Blush (rosé, made dry or off dry)

White: All Traditional Vintage and all Cheeky Monkey kits are excellent to drink in just a few months’ time. (all kits can be made dry or off dry)

Fruit wine: The whole range of fruit wines gives great results with just a few weeks of aging. (The Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is on promotion this month with $20 off the regular price)

Dessert wine: Ice wines and Port, the most beautiful delight to finish off a meal.