The streets are still a bit of a mess…


So, here we are. Well into July and the sewer upgrade work is still going strong on Hall st!

At one point, the crews had blocked access to West Arm Plaza from Hall as well.

That was an interesting day here. I am hopeful that doesn’t happen again-but I can’t seem to get a straight answer out of anyone in charge..

To that end, I had been delaying my order as it was near impossible for the big trucks to get close. This Friday- July 13 – I will be putting in a big order which should arrive the following Tuesday. If you’ve been thinking about a certain kit you’d like-best give me a shout or leave me a message by the eve of Thursday the 12th. My suspicion is we are far from done the street work!

It may well be another month before I put in the next order.

Now I need another glass of wine.