What our customers say about Wine Kitz Nelson!

I was struck with delight when I first saw John open a box of wine with one deft karate chop with his elbow! I knew then that here was a multi-dimensional person who know how to get things done with precision and expertise. I have never been disappointed.

From the simple task of opening a small package of whatever it is I pour into the newly opened box (done with a quick clip of the envelope, a  gentle blow getting it open) to bottle inspection, (for chips, muck or other nasty surprises), loading the bottle washer, bottling and corking the wine (with nary a miss-hap) and loading it into my car, (which I totally appreciate!) , John does everything with precise, professional movements flowing from years of martial arts training.

Sometimes one is lucky enough to find an establishment that exemplifies the best in products and personal attention. Wine Kitz is all of that... and more!

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