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Serve your homemade wine at your event – New Legislation
The Government has reviewed the Liquor Policy . A significant and very practical change is that family special occasion license holders who have rented a location, may now serve UVIN or homemade wine at their event. There may, however, be no charge associated with serving the wine. Family events include weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. Actually pretty broad so read the license details.

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If you are planning your event; a wedding, anniversary or celebration, do not put off on the decision to start your wine! The sooner the better. Both red and white wines improve in taste over time and will contribute to making your celebration memorable. We provide recommendation on the best options in regard to wine styles and timing to complete your planning. We customize various wine styles to match your taste and provide a wide selection of customized labels and decorative bottle caps. Visit our store to learn more.