White Wine, not just a summer wine; all white wine kits 20% off

Hard to argue of course, but white wines are definitely not just for Summer. With a variety of taste profiles, white wines vary from light and fruity to oaked and heavy, but also floral or spicy. Especially the heavier bodies white wines would classify as year-round wines, and as wines that would be a great partner in food pairing.

Typically, fish, salads, chicken and pork are excellent dance partners for white wines. The Pinot Gris, Verdicchio, Viognier and Chardonnay come to mind. These wines are also a great companion with vegetarian dishes. If the menu serves from the spicier Thai, Malay, Indian or Szechwan cuisine, typically a Riesling, Piesporter, Gewürztraminer or Liebfraumilch would be the better option. There are many more white wine options in stock. I am inviting you to come and have a look. October; all white wine kits 20% off.